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Shipping Outside the EU With DHL Express

Documentation for exporting and importing out of the EU

Documents to Export and Import Outside the EU

For those who ship to countries outside the European Union for the first time, we suggest contacting our Customer Support to check the documentation that is necessary.

For the export declaration to be correct, the invoice must be filled in detail in all its parts and in particular as indicated below:

  • The quantity of each item contained in the package
  • The value and the currency for each item ($ or €)
  • The reason for export (samples for examination or analysis or goods for sale)
  • The full address of the shipper and relevant VAT number
  • The full address of the consignee, including telephone number and email address

Furthermore, for shipments to countries outside the EU, of a value exceeding €150 or with commercial invoice, it is necessary to mention in the invoice the Tax ID (or the VAT Number for a company) or, should these be unavailable (if you don’t have an Italian Tax ID), the EORI code.

For some countries the EORI Code/Tax ID is always required, regardless of the value of the shipment. Check out the full list of countries.

What is the EORI Code?

The EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) Code is used for the registration and identification of economic operators and other persons taking part in activities governed by the customs regulations of the Member States of the European Union. It is an alphanumeric code preceded by the ISO code of the Member State that makes it unequivocal throughout the EU (IT for Italy).

The Free Export Declaration

What is the free export declaration used for?

If you have to ship goods outside the EU it is mandatory to fill in and sign this document.

The document is intended for the customs authorities in the country of departure and destination of the shipment.

When shipping from Italy to a country outside the EU, the goods must pass through two different customs. The free export declaration has three basic functions:

  • certifying  that the shipment does not include prohibited items
  • allowing the authorities to proceed with shipment clearance; sure enough, without this document, the Italian and foreign customs cannot let the shipment reach its destination
  • protecting the express courier from any liability related to the contents of the shipment

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