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In an increasingly internationalized and connected environment, reaching potential consumers, stores, distributors or suppliers around the world gives access to endless business opportunities. Our international shipping specialists can provide you with guidance on foreign markets and support the growth of your business; with an extensive global network and 40 years’ customs expertise, we have your products delivered as fast as possible to over 220 countries. 

Discover our major destinations and download dedicated content. Download fact sheets to learn about the business opportunities offered by markets across the world and shipping guidance.


We support your growth: we help customers understand how to maximize the enormous potential of globalization and international trade for their business.

Customs Expertise

We offer customs expertise, flexible delivery schedules and the prepayment of charges and duties, so as to make sure to meet all your needs.


DHL at your service: our specialists work alongside all kinds of companies, from large corporations to small enterprises, to identify the right strategies and enhance their e-commerce business.

Speed and Flexibility

Speed, flexibility and easiness: consumers expect utmost "on demand” flexibility, anytime, anywhere. DHL shipments offer customers a competitive advantage.

Exporting and Shipping Outside the European Union

For the purposes of preparing correct export/import declarations, correctly calculating customs charges, and speeding up the customs clearance process, it is necessary to fill in the invoice in detail, with the following information (among others):

  • The quantity of each item contained in the package
  • The value and currency of each item ($ or €)
  • The correct Incoterm Code
  • The reason for export (e.g., sample for examination or analysis, sale of goods)
  • Shipper’s full address including phone number and email address and relevant tax data (VAT, EORI code) 
  • Consignee’s full address including phone number and email address and relevant tax data (VAT, EORI code) 
  • The Harmonized System (HS) code of the goods 
  • The country of origin of the goods
  • The weight of the goods  

Online proforma invoice – find more here (Italian only)

Download the Free Export Declaration, which must always be filled in (in the Italian and English language) and accompanied by the export invoice for all shipments outside the EU. With DHL Paperless Trade, a free-of-charge service, you can forward key export documents digitally directly on MyDHL+.

In addition, for shipments to countries outside the EU, with a value of more than €150 or commercial invoice, it is necessary to indicate the Tax Code (the VAT Number in the case of undertakings) in the invoice. For non-EU private persons (with non-EU citizenship), the EORI Code* must be indicated. For some countries, the EORI*/ Tax Code is always required, regardless of the value of the shipment.  

See the full list of countries.

*The EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) Code is used for the registration and identification of economic operators and other persons taking part in activities governed by the customs regulations of the Member States of the European Union. It is an alphanumeric code preceded by the ISO code of the Member State that makes it unequivocal throughout the EU (IT for Italy).

For those who ship to countries outside the European Union for the first time, we suggest contacting our Customer Support to check the documentation that is necessary.
Always attach the (commercial or proforma) Invoice.

Customs Charges, What Are They and Who Pays Them?

Turn customs charges and duties into a competitive advantage for your business with our invoicing services through which you can relieve your customers from the payment of these costs. You may pay these charges yourself or charge them to a third party. 

When shipping abroad, it is important to know about customs charges.

All shipments of goods to countries outside the EU are subject to customs charges (customs duties vary depending on the type of goods imported - Customs Item, and VAT). Customs charges are the responsibility of the importer/consignee importing the goods, except as otherwise agreed and as specifically stated in the waybill (Air Waybill - AWB).

Continue reading for more information on how customs duties are calculated.

For more details, see the Customs Clearance Advice section on MyDHL+.

Simplifying customs processes 

We strive to clarify and comply with customs regulations to facilitate customs clearance.

Customs documents

Our dedicated section provides guidance on how to send shipments subject to customs clearance.

How to calculate customs charges

Customs charges, formed by Customs Duty and VAT, apply when importing goods into Italy from a country outside the European Union, and are calculated on the taxable base consisting of:

  •  Value of the goods
  •  Freight cost (this may change according to the Incoterm used)
  •  Any ancillary costs (for example: insurance)

Online Payment of Customs Charges

When it comes to receiving a shipment from countries outside the European Community, the customs may request the payment of customs charges. The ADC free tool allows you to pay any taxes and customs duties when the shipment is still in transit, and thus speed up delivery. The shipment can then be delivered to anyone authorized to receive it.

A simple, secure and free service through which:

  • An email/SMS is sent to notify you of the amount of charges shortly after the departure of the shipment
  •  The accompanying documentation of the shipment (export invoice, other documents) can be downloaded
  •  It is possible to pay customs charges online via Credit Card or PayPal on a dedicated portal.

Our  services help you keep up with the digital revolution so as to make your imports of goods even more efficient. Find out more by consulting the documentation:

Exporting Special Product Categories

If you need to ship certain types of products, the first thing to do is to contact Customer Support or your sales representative to learn about the accompanying documentation required and for any necessary information.

Contact Customer Support or your sales representative if you nedd to export:

  •  Medical Devices
  •  Medicines
  •  Food products
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Reagents

In the case of food and beverages, check our DHL for Food dedicated section.

Incoterms® 2020 General Rules

"Incoterms" is a registered trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Incoterms® rules define the criteria for correctly allocating to buyers and sellers the costs, risks, and responsibilities connected with cargo insurance and regulatory compliance. Incoterms® rules and sale conditions are recognized and accepted as standard rules for international trade and are regularly updated. The application of Incoterms® rules ensures that the goods originating from foreign manufacturers are purchased in accordance with applicable regulations, documentation and procedures. "Incoterms" is a registered trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Find out more in this document (Italian only)

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