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Shipping for the Machinery & Equipment sector with DHL Express

Our logistics solutions for the transportation of machinery and components

The companies operating in the Machinery & Equipment sector manufacture and handle mechanical components (such as gears, bearings and valves) and production machinery to be shipped to foreign countries and emerging markets.

Logistics Needs

The companies operating in the Engineering & Manufacturing sector have a global organization and complex logistical needs, provide services in different company divisions and need to reach any part of the world as quickly as possible.

Reactiveness and Speed

These are innovative companies that need to react quickly, for example in order to avoid plant downtime due to breakdowns and maintenance or production stops due to lack of raw materials.

Logistics Solutions

We offer companies in the industry a wide and well-structured range of services of excellence capable of meeting any transportation need and supporting any stage of the supply chain.

Timely Deliveries

Our distinctive solutions can make a difference in an environment where time and speed of delivery are critical.

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With Time Definite Services, we can deliver your shipments by a predetermined time on the first possible business day.

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