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Shipping for the Hightech Sector with DHL Express

Our logistics solutions for the transportation of technological components

In this sector, companies operate in an exponentially fast-paced environment: minimizing the time between the development of a new product and its launch is key to reaching the market before competitors.

Furthermore, technological components are essential for robotics and mechatronics, which are at the centre of the innovations that will shape the future of manufacturing.

Industry Expertise

We have a consolidated experience in the Technology sector and are the ideal partners of companies operating in it. We support businesses with solutions that ensure fast shipping and maximum product protection, anywhere in the world. 

Technology, Our Logistics Solution

With this in mind, we propose dedicated solutions and packaging specifically designed for smartphones, tablets and PCs. 

DHL Collect & Return

Thanks to DHL Collect &Return, we handle common shipment flows in after-sales programs: we rely on a dedicated web platform to collect high-value goods that require repair work, send them to a specific repair program provider, and ship the goods to end users when they are ready.

Speed and Tracking

DHL Collect & Return ensures quick turnaround and complete shipment visibility, a timely connection between call centers and repair centers, and choice of transit times for every transportation need.

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Learn About Time Definite Services

With Time Definite Services, we can deliver your shipments by a predetermined time on the first possible business day.

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