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DHL Express Services for Your E-commerce

Fast, convenient and secure e-commerce shipping thanks to our service

Do You Buy Online? Find Out How to Get the Most Out of Your Deliveries

On-time delivery in Italy and around the world

We connect people in Italy and in 220 countries all over the world, within 24/72 hours, providing full shipment tracking and services especially created for e-commerce.

A network of more than 380,000 people works daily to provide you with a fast, personalized and totally reliable service. We also offer you all-around support through professional experts who are at your complete disposal.

Customized Shipping With On Demand Delivery

Monitor and customize the delivery of your purchase at any time.

6 options to meet your every need

  • Collect at DHL Servicepoint
  • Schedule your delivery
  • Delivery to a neighbour, doorkeeper or guard
  • Delivery without signature at entrance door
  • Alternative address
  • Temporary hold in case of holidays

How On Demand Delivery works

  1. At the time your goods are shipped, you will receive the expected delivery date by email or SMS
  2. You may access the On Demand Delivery service through your PC or Smartphone and customize the delivery of your purchase
  3. For example, you may change the delivery date of the shipment
  4. The courier will receive the notification of the change in delivery date
  5. You will receive a confirmation of the change in your preferences and a notification of the new delivery date
  6. The shipment will be delivered as per the schedule and conditions established, to guarantee your satisfaction
  7. Thanks to On Demand Delivery service you can:
  • Receive SMS/email notifications informing you of the expected delivery date. Notifications will be sent both at departure and shortly before delivery
  • Change the date or place of delivery
    From the first notification until the last moment, you can decide to change the date or place of delivery, free of charge. Simply click on the link provided in the email/SMS notification and choose the desired delivery option
  • Select up to 3 delivery options.*
    By registering for On Demand Delivery you can set up to 3 priority and recurrent delivery preferences. The courier will apply the first available option (in order of priority) for your deliveries
    *If the first preference cannot be applied due to limitations on shipping, we will proceed with the other options. You will always receive a notification informing you of the delivery option adopted for the specific shipment.

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On Demand Delivery Services

Online Customs Charges

Is the shipment you are expecting coming from a country outside the European Union?

Depending on the type of goods and their value, customs charges may apply.

To avoid surprises upon arrival, we give you advance notice of any charges while the shipment is in transit, providing you with an easy-to-use and secure online payment service!

How it works: it’s very easy

  • You will receive an email/SMS notification informing you in advance of the amount of the customs charges relating to your purchase
  • You will be able to log in to the portal and pay by PayPal or credit card, without any cash movement
  • Have your shipment delivered where and to whom you want

With Our Services, Returns Have Never Been Easier

Do you need to return a product you bought online? No problem: our procedures for returns are extremely easy.

Follow your seller’s instructions and use our service to return products to the sender.

We have about 3000 DHL ServicePoints across Italy, where you can return unwanted goods.

Find the Service Point that is closest to you

Three simple ways to ship

Shipping is simple and straightforward thanks to our 3 methods designed to meet every need: you can choose from amongst one of the 3000 DHL ServicePoints in Italy or call our Customer Service for assistance.

1. Through DHL ServicePoints

Choose one of the 3000 DHL ServicePoints where you can ship and receive packages or documents, handle returns, collect online purchases, and more. Rates are clear and advantageous.

Find the Service Point that is closest to you

2. Call and book through DHL Customer Support

Our Customer Support provides advice on all types of shipment. After ordering, simply wait for your shipment to be picked up by the courier directly at your home.

* For landline calls, the maximum cost is 14.49 cents per minute. For calls from mobile networks, the maximum cost is 48.80 euro cents per minute with a connection charge of 15.75 euro cents.

3. Ship online

Visit our MyDHL+ website to create your online shipment and book a courier pickup.

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