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Customize Delivery - On Demand Delivery

It is now possible to reschedule delivery instead of postponing the commitments of your e-commerce’s customers

What Do Customers Want?

After purchasing, customers want to have a chance to tailor the delivery to their needs, changing time and place, in order to freely plan how and when to receive their purchase.

What can we offer?

On Demand Delivery is the DHL Express service specifically designed for e-commerce that allows your customers to independently manage and customize shipment delivery.

  • Do you want satisfied customers? Offer them On Demand Delivery
  • It responds to the new needs of the e-commerce market
  • It is the right lever to secure your customers’ fidelity
  • In a few, quick clicks, your customers will be able to choose where and when to receive their purchase
  • It is the right tool for you to stand out and compete in your market
  • It boosts your sales and improves Customers Experience

On Demand Delivery Services

Available Options

While the shipment is in transit, use On Demand Delivery to:

Re-schedule the Delivery to a More Convenient Date

Your customers can change the delivery date of the shipment to their liking and according to their needs, within 7 calendar days.

Request Delivery Holding for Up to 30 Days

If your customers cannot collect the goods because they are on holiday or on business travel, they can request that delivery be held for collection for up to 30 days.

Collect Goods or Documents at All DHL Servicepoints

Your customers can designate the nearest DHL ServicePoint as their place of delivery and collect the shipment personally when they prefer.

Change Delivery Address

Your customers can change the place of delivery of their shipment by indicating a more convenient address.

Have the Shipment Delivered to a Neighbour

In the case of absence, the courier is authorized to leave the shipment with a neighbour, doorkeeper or guard expressly designated by your customers.

Have the Shipment Left at Front Door

If absent, your customers can authorize the courier to leave the shipment at the front door (or other location indicated by them) with no need for signature.

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