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Shipping for the Food Sector with DHL Express

Our logistics solutions for the transportation of food & beverages

Thanks to our transportation service, we can best manage food and beverage shipments to export the "Made in Italy" excellence to the world.

Food Transportation

We can transport all non-perishable packed foodstuffs to be kept at uncontrolled (ambient) and controlled non-refrigerated temperatures.
Timeliness, widespread presence, reliability, quality, safety. These are the pillars on which our strategy is based and which are particularly important in the food sector.

Compliance With Regulations

We operate in compliance with the currently applicable rules and regulations governing health and hygiene, as well as in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on food hygiene. We are proud of our HACCP system specifically designed for Food management and we adopt a Self-control Manual based on Codex Alimentarius principles.

Customized Transport Solutions for Food

For the food sector, we offer an even more accurate and scrupulous air express transportation solution through the activation of a dedicated monitoring service.
Should there be any inconvenience while the shipment is in transit, a team of specialists can proactively intervene to facilitate shipment success as much as possible.

Internationalization of Made in Italy

Thanks to our extensive international experience, we can work alongside you to support the internationalisation of your business and Made in Italy.
Our International Specialists will support you in taking your products anywhere in the world.

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