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Shipping for the Medical Sector with DHL Express

Our logistics solutions for the transportation of medical products, medicines and diagnostic samples

The Life Sciences & Healthcare sector requires a supply chain capable of facing new challenges every day. 

Industry Expertise

The Life Sciences & Healthcare sector must be increasingly agile, flexible and resilient in order to quickly adapt to change and seize the opportunities of a global market.

Logistics Solutions for the Medical Industry

We offer you a system of smart logistics solutions that are patient-focused and designed to support your future developments. 
Reliable, innovative, resilient, and compliant with regulatory requirements: this is the DHL Healthcare System.

DHL Medical Express

We know that progress and chances of treatment are in your hands. It is for this reason that we provide you with DHL Medical Express, a logistic service capable of ensuring that medical and biotechnological devices, pharmaceuticals, and clinical trials are handled with the utmost care and in compliance with current rules and regulations.

Reliability and Timeliness

The DHL Medical Express service is the high value-added solution dedicated to this sector, capable of guaranteeing shipment reliability and timeliness, thanks to the professionalism of our team of specialists and the extensiveness of our network in the national and international territory.

Useful Documents

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Main Features

What are the characteristics?

  • delivery to destination at the earliest possible time and priority within the network
  • transportation tracking in all phases
  • specialised management of biological specimens
  • team of specialists capable of providing guidance on the rules governing air freight (IATA rules) and on the correct packaging of goods
  • Thermo Packaging, a range of packaging options (Italian only) available to make shipments at ambient, refrigerated or frozen temperatures 

Products and Usage

What are the products for which it can be used?

  • Pharmaceutical products for research purposes: medicines tested during clinical trials
  • Medical supply: materials that are used to conduct investigations and provide evidence for scientific research
  • Medical devices: surgical tools, lab spare parts, life savers
  • Biological specimens: specimens taken from patients that are returned by analysis labs

Learn About Time Definite Services

With Time Definite Services, we can deliver your shipments by a predetermined time on the first possible business day.

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