7 Malaysian Brands that have a Global Stockist Strategy

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Ever heard of the term ‘stockist’ in Malaysia? 

Or more specifically, do you know what is a stockist?

In simple terms, a stockist is explained as a business that purchases and stores a certain quantity of products of a brand with the sole purpose of distribution to its specific territory, either to the resellers or end customer base that they have developed on behalf of the brand.

Being in the 21st century, cross border ecommerce is not only restricted to brands that are well established; small enterprises and brick-and-mortar businesses can take that leap to gain global recognition seamlessly with the help of cross-border stockists.

In the year 2015, the cross-border ecommerce market was voted to be a whopping 300 billion U.S dollars in merchandise value. With cross border ecommerce growing rapidly, businesses should most definitely strive to compose their plans and board the cross-border ship as soon as they can.

Still contemplating on whether cross border ecommerce is worth the effort? Well, here are 7 Stockist Malaysia brands that have gone international with cross border stockists.




Always thought Bonia was an Italian-based brand? Well, it is actually a bona fide Malaysian brand under Bonia Corporation Berhad. The renowned luxury fashion brand has become a roaring success internationally with stockists and boutiques across Europe, Asia and the pacific. The brand shares the same customers as big-named industries such as Guess, Gucci, Coach and Louis Vuitton.

Bonia has expanded their brand over the globe with the use of cross-border stockists and acquired international fame. Partnering with Zalora, one of the leading names in online shopping, they have achieved worldwide recognition along with a great deal of revenue.

Bonia’s partnership with Zalora helped them reach a professional crowd even further, to whom their products appeal to. From Bonia’s perspective, it also means working with a brand that understands effective stockist strategy, benefiting both parties.


Being born and grown as a Malaysian brand, Munchy’s had spread its presence massively over 60 countries with international offices in Thailand and Singapore. Starting in a small town in Batu Pahat, they are now an internationally known brand.

Munchy’s production rate increased each year as they worked towards the goal of marketing the brand on a global scale with their first destination being South Africa as their global stockist strategy.

Munchy’s began their expansion through a mass number of cross-border stockists in order to gain more brand exposure throughout their targeted countries, which they have successfully achieved. The Munchy’s brand is on the shelves of multinational grocery retailers such as Tesco and 7-Eleven while also being sold at a multitude of provision shops over the globe by partnering with cross-border stockists.

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Plates is an independent magazine that revolves around the theme – food and culture. Plates reports the unsung stories of social justice, human rights, environment, and heritage with ‘food’ being a conversation starter, which is a topic that just about everyone can relate to.

Plates have achieved international recognition with the help of cross-border stockists, from Milan to New York; Plates is now an internationally exposed brand that hails from Malaysia.

Plates’ stockist strategy was to reach out to magazine retailers, most of which being food centric, such as Now Serving and Cuizinestand, that coincides with their brand identity and in turn, achieving brand exposure and revenue.

This halal cosmetics brand started out in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and quickly turned into a trendsetter across the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Orkid Cosmetics worked their way into the international market by establishing local brand popularity and marketability.

Orkid Cosmetics’ liquid lipsticks partnered with a cross-border stockist in Singapore, The Min List, a beauty supply retailer that features beauty products that are vegan, halal and organic. This allowed for Orkid Cosmetics to be recognized in Singapore as a brand that is focused on halal beauty – a niche in which both the brand and the stockist share the same target audience.

The Min List has also published Halal beauty-based articles on their platform featuring Orkid Cosmetics, a promotional tactic that has brought revelation to both parties.


Founded by Malaysian celebrity and entrepreneur Neelofa, the brand offers a wide range of affordable modest-wear but of premium quality. Items include hijab apparel, bags, accessories and more.

“My dream is to see Naelofar Hijab become a household name internationally, with the brand having its own warehouse in Malaysia and all the major cities in the world.” – Neelofa, Founder of Naelofar

On top of that, Naelofar is a fashion forward brand that has stolen the hearts of many fashion lovers worldwide, especially in Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Germany, UK, and the US.

Apart from its already wide distribution channels like Shopee, Luxe Boutique TTDI, 1 Utama, Isetan KLCC, SOGO KL, and naelofar.com, they have engaged with over 500 stockists worldwide to maximize their exposure and sales. The strategy of engaging in cross-border stockists drove Naelofar to being an internationally recognized brand.

This is one Malaysian-based brand that features au naturel, vegan body and skin care products that have set sail on international waters via a well-known cross-border stockist, FashionValet.

FashionValet links Handmade Heroes to the rest of the world through their available international shipping destinations. Being a premier online shopping platform, FashionValet shares the vicinity of Handmade Heroes’ target audience which ensures brand awareness and exposure.

Handmade Heroes has also created a well-established identity with international appeal, which helped expand the brand’s local and international marketability.

Formerly known as “The Apothecary” – deriving from the olden name modern pharmacies – Analogue Apotik a brand of handmade, easy-to-use men’s solid colognes that are produced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Solid colognes are somewhat niche, and Analogue Apotik has strategically branded and marketed themselves to be a company that puts special care into its products that are suitable for the modern-day man.

Hence, it was only fitting that Analogue Apotik engaged stockists that share a similar gentleman-style background and DNA. They expanded their reach through stockists in the US, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Thailand who have a majority male target audience. The Gentlemen’s Lab, Sultans of Shave, Fine and Dandy, are among the many stockists that Analogue Apotik is working with.

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