Increasing consumer satisfaction with e-commerce tracking services

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E-commerce is taking over the world, with traditional commerce businesses making the shift to their digital counterparts in an effort to stay relevant in an increasingly technological society. The opportunities are limitless, with businesses experiencing massive growth in their brands and sales by offering their consumers more satisfaction with  an e-commerce platform to shop on. 

However, with a higher amount of opportunities comes an increased amount of competition within the industry. It can be difficult to differentiate between e-commerce businesses due to the sheer volume of companies that have bridged the gap between traditional commerce and e-commerce. This article aims to provide business owners with a rundown on the levels of competition in the e-commerce industry and how providing a tracking service for shipping can help your business stand out from the rest.

Competition in the e-commerce industry 

Based on Statista’s digital market insights, revenue made in New Zealand’s e-commerce market is estimated to reach a massive US$6.30 billion by the end of 2023, with projected market volume expected to hit US$10.12 billion by 2027. The number of locals who use the e-commerce industry to shop for an item is also set to grow, with a projected 60.5% of constant online shoppers being forecast for 2027, according to the same report.

The International Trade Administration also stated that as of July 2022, most brick-and-mortar stores had adopted an online presence, proving that traditional in-person stores were indeed keeping up with the e-commerce trend within New Zealand.

With the country as a whole moving to e-commerce as a feasible method of making sales, besides optimising the user experience for your e-commerce web pages and allowing various payment methods through various payment gateways, how then would you stand out from the rest of your competition? The answer is simple: install a logistics-based tracking system for your products.

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How can a tracking service help your company gain a competitive edge?

Tracking shipments seems like a relatively simple procedure to install into your business’ logistics, but more often than not, it goes unnoticed for small to medium-sized businesses. A shipment tracking system refers to the process of ensuring all the packages being shipped by your business are being traced as well as updates on your delivery supply chain are being transmitted to both you and your customers at all times. 

Put simply, tracking and tracing in logistics allow for a 24/7 update on shipment arrivals, delays, and any other potential issues that may impede the shipment on the way to your consumers. A well-organised logistics-based tracking system allows you and your patrons to plan for shipments well ahead of time, leading to a streamlined delivery system on both the business and the customer’s end. This can lead to an increase in positive brand awareness and customer satisfaction. 

Being able to track your shipment also minimises customer anxiety and buyer remorse, two factors that may stop a customer from purchasing from your business again. The lack of anxiety on the buyer’s end regarding their shipment is another way to increase consumer satisfaction, and thereon customer loyalty.

A large number of e-commerce businesses in New Zealand make accounting for factors affecting customer satisfaction key in retaining your audience and demographic. The competitiveness in the industry provides consumers with a wide variety of e-commerce stores to take their businesses to, which is why focusing your attention on providing a high standard of service quality and customer satisfaction can help your business stand out from the rest.

Hire a proven global leader in logistics and track-and-trace systems

Track shipments and put your customers’ minds at ease by enabling DHL Express’ shipment tracking onto your deliveries. With a simple tracking ID, your customers will be able to watch their shipment enter our facilities before being shipped out to the delivery sites, including on-demand deliveries. Tracking events related to the shipping supply chain will appear 24-48 hours after receiving the ID and from there, can be followed in real-time. Not to mention, your customer service team will be receiving less, ‘how do I track my shipment’ complaints and enquiries. Additionally, any queries regarding our tracking systems can be answered with our FAQ, or with a simple call to our 24/7 customer service advisors.

Within a few seconds, your customers will be able to track their shipments effortlessly, and we guarantee customer satisfaction for you and your business. Open an account with us now. 

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