Send your parcel from Singapore to Sri Lanka by following this simple guide

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Since the 1970s, Sri Lanka and Singapore have maintained good business connections. In a bid to reinforce their economic ties, the two countries signed a bilateral free trade agreement in January 2018. The treaty reflected Sri Lanka's potential as a commerce hub in the fast-growing Indian Ocean area. What’s more is that the free trade agreement will facilitate the entrance of cheaper consumer products and commodities into Sri Lanka, hence increasing the rate of foreign direct investment.

Therefore, to ensure smooth import and export of other goods, it is crucial to understand the customs regulations of the country before starting your shipping journey. This article will walk you through the rules of Sri Lankan customs and the shipping process you must follow to safely send a parcel from Singapore to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s Customs Rules

Seeds, plant products & plants

  • For approval from the Agriculture Department, a Phytosanitary Certificate from the shipper’s country is necessary, which must be obtained locally by the consignee. Mangoes are, however, prohibited.

Mobile phones, accessories & component

  • Approval from the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka [TRCSL] is required to import/bring any type of mobile phones/devices that connects to a cellular network with a SIM card.

X-ray machines

  • Contact the destination prior to sending the shipment for any licenses or permit requirements.

Drugs: prescription & pharmacy without prescription

  • An import control licence must be obtained by the consignee from the controller of imports and exports.


  • A full description of the shipment along with the consignee’s approval is required.

Gambling devices including playing cards

  • Import of such goods are restricted by the local government and the consignee will require special approval from the Ministry of Finance.


  • Customs will hold all passports for verification purposes.
  • In order for customs to release the passport, the consignee will need to secure an immigration approval.

Chemicals, non-hazardous

  • To determine the properties/usage of the chemicals, local customs require documents to be submitted.

Films: entertainment (dvd, vhs)

  • The consignee must acquire an approval from the Film Corporation for customs clearance.

Ship, parts of (gib, bearing)

  • All the paperwork must be completed for formal clearance by the consignee to prevent the shipment from being detained by the customs.

Military equipment

  • To import military equipment, the consignee must first attain the Defense Ministry’s approval.

Personal effects

  • The duty-free allowance offered to expatriate Sri Lankans for unaccompanied luggage cannot be used to clear these shipments as duty-free.
  • Normal duty must be paid for such shipments.

Complete Shipping Process From Singapore To Sri Lanka

Knowing the shipping procedure is the next important step when it comes to sending your parcel from Singapore to Sri Lanka. So, your first and foremost task must be to create an air waybill (AWB) for your shipment to safely reach its receiver. Once you have made the AWB, proceed to prepare a shipping invoice.

Ensure that the invoice enlists all the details of your shipment which gives the Sri Lankan customs officials a complete and accurate idea of your package.

Then, start packing your parcel. Carefully seal the box by covering the seams to protect the goods from getting damaged during transit. Finally, arrange for shipment collection. You can do this in the following ways:

a)   By calling our customer service

b)  By scheduling a pick-up from MyDHL+

c)   By self-delivering it to a DHL Express retail store near you.  

All WPX shipments must contain a name, full address and phone number of the sender and receiver. Moreover, printed material is dutiable if you are sending more than five pieces.

Advantages Of Using DHL Express For Shipping From Singapore To Sri Lanka

Here is the list of benefits from choosing DHL Express as your preferred courier service to send a parcel from Singapore to Sri Lanka.

a)   Customers can choose where and when their shipment should be delivered thanks to DHL Express's flexible delivery choices.

b)  Customers can also get real-time updates on the progress of their shipments from DHL Express.

c)  Thanks to DHL’s wide logistics network, it helps connect Sri Lanka to 220 countries and territories.

d)  The shipping process from Singapore to Sri Lanka is simple and secure because of DHL Express's shipping solutions like MyDHL+, MyBill, and ODD (On-Demand Delivery).

e)  Customers can choose when they want their packages to be picked up.

f)   DHL door-to-door service makes international shipping easy.

Every cargo is handled with love and care by our team of certified international specialists, who do not compromise on our unbeatable delivery service commitment. So, if this guide contains all the items and information you need to send a parcel to Sri Lanka from Singapore, go ahead and get started.