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FAQs Courier Service to India


FAQs Courier Service to India


When you ship to India your shipments amounting to more than USD 1,600 might incur additional delay due to formal clearance and/or duties.


It is important to note that every parcel shipment requires the completion of the KYC document. The KYC document has to be completed by the consignee and can be done at

Used or refurbished goods are not allowed to be sent to India.

Information on the contents of the shipment must be clearly indicated with the correct value to support.

Sending ‘Personal Shipments’ to India will impose various requirements on the importer. It is important to note the differences of sending personal shipments for the purpose of relocation, or personal shipments for the purpose of a gift to an individual.

Relocation: Sender and recipient should be the same on the paperwork. The sender has to be present with his/her valid passport to receive the shipment. The original letter from the embassy should also be accompanied within the shipment for authenticity and verification.

Gift: The recipient is required to complete the KYC form at Gifts or shipments to individuals will also incur duties or taxes based on the type of commodity and should be only sent in reasonable amounts.