Tools to Create Your Shipments

My DHL Parcel

My DHL Parcel is the perfect shipping tool for your business. Fast and intuitive, you can configure it based on your needs and automate tasks to make managing your shipments as easy as possible.

Etiquetas 10

A simple desktop tool that lets you print documentation from your shipments, import recipient lists, maintain a historical shipment, and export data. Need more information? Please contact us.

Integrated Solutions

Incorporate custom applications to control your shipments in your own web: tracking shipments, online pickup request, etc. An ideal solution if the rest of our tools don’t fit your needs.

Tools to Manage Your Shipments

Customer Area

A private access space where you are able to make arrangements regarding your domestic shipments.


EPOD is an electronic delivery that collects the delivery details and signature of the person who received the shipment.


The electronic invoicing allows you to receive invoices directly in your email and download them in different formats (CSV, PDF and XML).