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  • Your online purchases on the peninsula will arrive in 24-48 hours. If you have purchased it in Europe you will arrive within 3-6 days depending on the country. If you have purchased email from your inbox when you purchase your email, we will send you an email with the expected delivery date.

  • Your shipment is likely to be on your way; if there is a delay we will inform you through our shipping tracking platform. If you spend 2 days without the status of your shipment being updated alert to the sender. If you are still unable to see your shipment you may still be conducting international transit. 

  •  You can find your shipment in our tracking section at the top of this page to find our shipping finder

  • It is normal that your shipment status is not updated continuously, if after 2 days the status of your shipment does not change contact us or the shipper of the follow your shipment.

  • No, deliveries are made Monday through Friday non-public. Only in exceptional circumstances and due to some contingency situation (e.g., delays after a temporary) we may be able to make repairs on the weekend. 

  • Please refer to your email inbox. If we have delivered your shipment to a neighbor you will receive an email with the details of the neighbor that your shipment has. If you do not have your email distant by purchasing you, we will leave a document like this one with information about your shipment.  

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