4 top consumer trends businesses should prepare for this year

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E-commerce sales days generate record number of sales and profits for businesses. Consider including trending products to your suite of offerings. Here’s a list of the top trends of the year and how you can capitalise on them.

It’s a fight to the death for businesses vying for the attention of consumers during the most popular online sales days. With flash deals and promotions being offered left, right and centre, grabbing and holding the attention of your target audiences is of paramount importance in order to have a successful sales season. 

So what can you as a business do to stand out? Have your finger on the pulse – know the current cultural trends and shifts in buying behaviour, whether it’s the sustainability movement or a gadget adoption. This can provide your enterprise with great insights into how to approach e-commerce sales days, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It can influence the types of products you can offer, the focus of your branding and marketing campaign, as well as other aspects of your strategy. 

It’s up to you as a business to not just be aware of the zeitgeist – the spirit of an era – but capture it and successfully capitalise on it. Find out more about the trends of the moment in this article. 

What are the trends your business can prepare for?

1. Zero tolerance for profit-driven brands

Sustainability, equality, diversity and inclusion are key considerations for younger consumers when making a purchase. They demand that brands do not just peddle products but that they stand for something. According to First Insight, millennials and Gen Z consumers are most likely to make purchases based on values and principles.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, especially when they relate to a product's impact. According to a survey by McKinsey & Company, more than 40% of millennials and Gen Z consumers consider a brand’s sustainability practices when making a purchase. Businesses can implement sustainability practices in various aspects of their business model, from their ethos and mission to their packaging choices to their supply chain providers. Offer specific products that respond to consumers’ desire to do good by planet Earth, such as pre-loved clothing or second-hand furniture. This can be beneficial during online sales days.

2. Making more health conscious choices

The pandemic still affects much of the way consumers live, eat and work. The shift to working from home has made people more conscious about their eating habits, allowed consumers to improve their nutritional intake and weed out unhealthy eating habits. According to statistics by GWI, in mid-2021, 60% of consumers were trying to eat healthier, as opposed to 56% in 2020.

Consumers are taking a new approach toward organic food. There are specific products that Google Trends has noted as being popular search items. For example, this year, the average monthly global Google search volume for matcha green tea is 826,000. If you currently target nutrition and caffeine enthusiasts, get in on this diet trend by offering matcha alongside coffee products. This can help you expand your offerings and generate more sales. Consider bundling products and pricing these at a discounted rate during sale days.

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3. Growth in the health supplement industry

A report conducted by SPINS found that consumers are seeking out more holistic, nutrient-filled options that promote healthy wellbeing. This health and wellness trend sees more people taking health supplements. Nutraceuticals – herbal products, whole foods, natural supplements, vitamins and fatty acids, like omega-3 – complement a healthy lifestyle and help to address specific health issues. The nutraceutical industry has faced staggering growth over the last several years and does not show signs of slowing down. A Fortune Business Insights report has predicted that the global market will almost double, from US$352.92 billion in 2021 to US$658.11 billion in 2028.

Businesses in the health and wellness industry can consider jumping on this growth and consumer trend by adding a new product line in preparation for the e-commerce sales days.

4. Evolution in technology 

The introduction of 5G networks and IoT technologies has the potential to transform how you can operate as a business and increase your bottom line. These could include smarter, automated manufacturing practices, or sophisticated in-store customer experiences involving innovative augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Understand the trends and developments in technology, whether it’s IoT, the metaverse or AI-driven customer support.

How does integrating technology help your business during the sales season? It can help your e-commerce business at every stage of the customer journey. During the brand awareness stage, you can offer an exceptionally sleek shopping experience while they browse – through AR or VR, for example. Through this, you strengthen your brand in the eyes of consumers before the peak season. You raise your brand’s profile and create a positive brand impression. With AI chatbots, you can offer immediate answers to customers' queries on your products, discounts and shipping policies – assisting them during the product consideration phase on sales days.

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It’s important that you select products that align with your business goals, brand and target audiences. If you’re merely jumping on a trend without factoring in what your brand represents and who you’re selling to, it can mean wasted resources that might even hurt your business. So consider carefully which trending products are most relevant to you. 

When prepping for e-commerce sales days, it’s also important to plan your logistics well. Logistics is crucial during peak sales seasons. Choose the right service provider so you can effectively handle international deliveries and your products reach your customers in optimal conditions and in a timely manner. DHL Express offers cross-border shipping services and door-to-door delivery across 220 countries and territories worldwide. We also offer several express shipping options, such as same-day delivery. Partner with us so you can be assured that an experienced international courier service provider handles all your logistics needs.