Any Other Business: 28 October 2022

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson
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Insights today, for value tomorrow: The Logistics Trend Radar is here

What does the future of logistics look like? Published every two years, the DHL Logistics Trend Radar explores the possibilities.

Since 2015, over 70,000 visitors have come together at the DHL Innovation Centers to exchange insights with DHL experts and each other about the most important social, economic and technological trends for the logistics industry – including robots, big data, and alternative energy solutions.

“The DHL Logistics Trend Radar is used like the North Star to navigate the future by our customers, partners, and colleagues,” said Klaus Dohrmann, VP Head of Innovation Europe, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. Discover exactly why, here.

Klarna logo on mobile

Watch out Google…Klarna welcomes a new era of search

“Buy Now Pay Later” giant Klarna has launched a suite of new features as it bids to attract more Gen Z and Y consumers.

Amongst the Klarna Spotlight1 innovations – available in the Klarna app and on Klarna.com – is a search tool that allows users to compare product prices across thousands of retailers, check availability, and filter results by color, size, ratings and shipping options.

The search function will also be integrated into a new panel in Klarna’s in-app browser to boost the buying experience. When shoppers are browsing a product page for example, the panel will show whether other retailers offer better prices and delivery options, plus automatically apply available coupons at checkout. 

The launch is timely: a report by the payment service found that 42% of consumers plan to use price comparison tools this holiday season2. There are also big benefits for online retailers: “With over 23 million monthly active users on the Klarna app, the search and compare tool becomes a key acquisition channel for merchants, boosting their visibility, traffic, and sales with a captive audience,” a press release from the company said3.

Is Klarna right for your business? Find out with our dedicated guide to the best e-commerce payment services.

Laptop with graphs on screen

With Prediko, never run out of stock again

Inventory management is a pain point for many e-commerce businesses, especially when demand is unpredictable – like when a new product is launched. Enter Prediko4.

The start-up has created a smart dashboard that helps merchants track fast- and slow-moving products in real time so that they can more accurately order stock amounts. The platform generates different growth scenarios depending on seasonality, ad campaigns and more, then helps users create purchase orders for their suppliers.

Over time, customers can compare actual sales with revenue targets, and choose from Prediko’s range of custom-made reports to deep dive into the data.

“Our product lets companies plan, order and finance their stock seamlessly to grow revenue, release working capital and save time,” the company said5. “Be as high-level or as detail orientated as you wish. With our flexible planning tool, you can forecast revenues, input custom events and edit up to SKU level assumptions.”

The platform currently only integrates with Shopify stores – although there are plans for partnerships with other e-commerce platforms.

globe with China written

APAC proves a fruitful market for foreign brands

Looking for new cross-border markets to target? Then turn your attention to the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

The fintech news platform PYMNTS6 recently surveyed 500 business owners in the US, UK and Canada about their relationship with APAC. It found 22% have established an APAC presence and average 14% of their total cross-border sales to consumers there.

For e-commerce sellers wishing to find an entry point into the region, online marketplaces are a good starting point. “The region’s strategic importance varies by merchant type,” the study said7. “Marketplace eTailers – those that sell exclusively on digital marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy or Wayfair – and omnichannel eTailers have a stronger APAC presence than the other types of merchants we studied, including manufacturers and specialty eTailers.”

singles' day date on wall

China’s sales bonanza set to be a global affair

It's not long until the world’s biggest shopping day kicks off. Ahead of China’s Singles’ Day on November 11, the General Manager of Alibaba Group’s B2C marketplace, Tmall Global, has spoken of the opportunities for overseas sellers.  

“For the past three years, cross-border import e-commerce has maintained an annual growth rate of 20%. It’s one of the key drivers of China’s consumer market,” Lynn Dong said8.

Tmall Global acts as a gateway for foreign brands into the country, allowing them to build virtual storefronts and ship products to Chinese customers without the need for a physical entity or a Chinese business license. Today, there are more than 29,000 brands from 87 countries and regions across 5,800 categories on the platform9.

“We are consumers’ number one choice when it comes to cross-border shopping,” Dong added. As for the platform’s “typical” customer, she had three words: “wealthy, young and female.”

Beyond selling on Tmall Global, what other tips will help you cash in this Singles’ Day? Find out with our exclusive guide.  

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