Any Other Business: 18 November 2022

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson
Discover content team
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Black Friday graphics


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Black Friday: the countdown is on!

It’s one of the biggest dates in the e-commerce calendar – Black Friday is just one week away, and this year is set to be another global bonanza!

79% of consumers typically discover a new online store on Black Friday1, so what can you do to ensure it’s your business they find?

We’ve put together a dedicated Black Friday guide crammed full of tips, tricks and insights to help your business have a record sales day. Discover what consumers are looking for this year, how to manage demand, and ways to stay ahead of your competitors.  

Read on, and get ready for the rush!

woman holding a credit card  and typing on laptop keyboard

Google gives bargain hunters a hand with new features

With global inflation continuing to rise, Google has introduced some new Search features to help holiday shoppers find better deals.

Updates include putting promotions front and center in product searches; a new coupon clipping feature allowing shoppers to easily copy promo codes when they’re ready to buy; and a price comparison tool which will show several products side-by-side so that the browser doesn’t have to visit lots of different retailers’ websites.

Merchants will be able to see how their deals are performing when they manage their product listings on Google.

The search giant’s new features come as 95% of consumers said inflation will change how they shop for the holidays this year2, with over half (52%) planning to pursue more coupons, discounts and sales.

hand swiping on a tablet

Boost your customer lifetime value with a subscription service

Subscription models can be very lucrative for e-commerce businesses, providing them with recurring revenue whilst delivering convenience to customers. Now start-up Ordergroove3, the “subscription as a service” platform, has announced significant funding to help it expand.

The company – which has over 500 customers ranging from SMEs to brands including Walmart and L’Oréal – integrates with leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento. It leverages AI to enable retailers to give customers personalized offers and easy ways to manage their subscriptions – which, it claims, increases their average order value.

“The Ordergroove team has built an industry-leading platform to help brands build more sustainable revenue streams – and to scale in response to consumer demand,” a spokesperson from investor Primus said4. “Ordergroove’s delivery of ‘Relationship Commerce’ has not only shown resilience but is truly beneficial for both buyers and sellers alike.”

crumpled brown paper in a cardboard box

EU to introduce planet-friendly packaging rules

There’s nothing eco-conscious consumers hate more than their online orders arriving in excessively large boxes. But change could be coming.

According to a “leaked” report5, the European Commission is working on new laws to reduce packaging waste. The rules will apply to primary and secondary packaging – including e-commerce parcels – and will limit online retailers to an empty space ratio of 40%. Furthermore, “double walls, false bottoms and other means to create the impression of increased product volume” will be banned.

Perhaps the biggest impact will come from the EU’s goal for 20% of e-commerce packaging to be reusable by 2030 – rising to 80% by 2040.

Finalized plans – a revision to the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) – are set to be unveiled November 30th. Watch this space. In the meantime, discover how your business can play its part with our guide to sustainable packaging.

DHL courier handing a woman a parcel

And finally…

Did you know that nearly half (48%) of UK consumers said that the arrival of an item they ordered online is the highlight of their day? The findings by OnePoll6 show just how important it is for e-commerce brands to give customers a smooth delivery experience.  

As we approach peak season, discover all the tips to ensure your customers return to your online store again and again, by following these 22 golden rules of e-commerce.

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