Expand your fashion business by studying the latest fashion trends

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Every individual possesses a unique personality and style which distinguishes them from others, and certain styles shape the fashion industry. Conversely, a person’s style is often an adaptation of the latest fashion trends to accentuate their personality and increase their self-confidence. With individual styles and fashion trends going hand in hand to shape one another, analysing these trends is crucial for the success of any business in the clothing market. 

This article discusses the importance of studying such trends for Malaysian apparel businesses and how they may penetrate the international fashion market by doing so.

What are fashion trends?

Before discussing how businesses can harness a trend to boost their presence, it is essential to know what such trends refer to. A fashion trend is a particular type of outward expression that a significant portion of a population embodies at a given point in time in a particular region, or worldwide.

Fashion trends, however, change over time. As people’s tastes and preferences evolve, fashion trends follow suit. For instance, a combination of two distinct trends may give birth to a new and more popular one. While many different fashion styles businesses typically use to create clothing and apparel, here are some of the most favoured ones:

1. Classic

The classic style is defined by straight lines and cuts – usually solid and sober colours like black, grey and white. This style is often seen as the epitome of sophistication and grace. With quality tailoring and fitting, it is ideal for working adults looking for a professional touch in their wardrobe.

2. Creative

The creative style is quite the opposite of the classic style as it often entails experimentation with bold colours, patterns, and prints. As different textures are combined with bold and creative colours and shapes, this style assists in making a daring statement.

3. Modern

The modern style is defined by contrasting colours, geometric patterns and shapes, as well as asymmetrical designs. They are bright and present an elegant appeal, for those who want to inject a sense of freedom into their outfits.

4. Bohemian

The bohemian style is a mix of several cultural elements like hippie and folk, which became dominant in the 1960s and 1970s. This style often comprises colourful patterns in long, flowy dresses, wide leather belts, and suede shoes.

5. Athleisure

The athleisure style is, above all, about comfort and practicality. It features casual clothes and shoes that appear basic, but sleek and functional. Interestingly, this style is one of the most dominant fashion trends of today, as people increasingly gravitate towards practicality and comfort.


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Fashion trends in Malaysia

Fashion trends in Malaysia are inspired by both global trends and, to a large extent, the Islamic faith. Being a Muslim-majority country, Malaysia is often seen as the home of modest fashion. Thus, modest apparel along with vintage wear dominate the Malaysian fashion landscape of today.

1. Modest styles

The modest fashion industry is currently estimated to be worth US$277 billion, according to the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2020/21 Report. It’s expected to reach US$311 billion by 2024. Modest fashion trends are gaining popularity in Malaysia with many women experimenting with styles and trends, while fulfilling religious obligations. Businesses increasingly look beyond the Middle East towards Malaysia as they target this fashion market. At the same time, the popularity of such apparel has also allowed home-grown businesses to reach the global market and address the demand for modest fashion on an international scale. 

Local Malaysian brands, including Bawal Exclusive and dUCk are continuously meeting consumer demands for trendy and premium hijabs, having cemented a strong following internationally. Another successful Malaysian brand that has expanded its apparel business across international borders is Naelofar Hijab. Moreover, the e-commerce fashion marketplace, Zalora, which has a strong following locally, has a dedicated section for modest apparel and accessories, giving interested businesses an opportunity to reach the global market. 

2. Vintage styles

Another trend defining the Malaysian fashion industry is the vintage style. Fashion trends from the 1980s and 1990s have made a comeback, seen in the rising popularity of denim overalls and baggy jeans. The vintage style features a comfortable and casual chic look that makes one appear effortlessly stylish. This style appears fresh and trendy while imbuing a sense of nostalgia. Noting that the world is equally drawn to these trends, Malaysian businesses tapping on this market not only have opportunities to leverage locally but also significant global demand they can meet with their locally-loved unique styles.

Why businesses should capitalise on the latest fashion trends

The latest fashion trends are an important factor for fashion businesses to consider. They provide a sense of the general direction in which consumer preferences are headed towards. Analysing these trends is essential for businesses to resonate with potential customers and gain a competitive advantage in this ever-changing market. In short, they help you identify areas that you should focus more on.

With the fashion industry growing steadily in spite of the pandemic, businesses can boost their revenue by catering to these trends. For instance, the fashion brand Shein has doubled its valuation as its annual revenue reached US$10 billion amid the pandemic, a Bloomberg report noted.

Considering the modest fashion trends in Malaysia, businesses seeking to target this market should orient their strategies around the prevailing fashion trends in the country and beyond. Learning more about the modest fashion trends in Malaysia and designing products that embody this style enables you to cater to consumer preferences. These consumers may then become your loyal customers, allowing your business to expand and generate greater revenue. 

Businesses in this competitive industry should also consider Saturday delivery options to remain competitive domestically, as well as look to these five biggest overseas modest fashion markets overseas. This is where partnering with a reputable shipping and logistics company can come in handy, providing flexibility and a variety of international delivery options to cater to your customer demands.