How To Establish Your Global Target Market

3 Mins Read
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Regardless of the type of product or service that you sell, each and every business needs to identify their target market, both locally and internationally. In doing so, this helps to secure a core customer base that will continue to seek out your brand.

However, it can be challenging to find one, especially when you don’t have the right market research tools. That’s why we have put together the best customer research tools, to really cement your audience and provide a foundation for your business!  

What’s a Target Market?

Essentially, a target market is the particular group of consumers that your business is looking to promote its products or services to. Depending on what you offer, it’s important to tailor it to the group of people that it’s best suited for.

While local markets are important in sustaining your day-to-day sales and volume, having a global market helps to accelerate your growth, and creates an international customer base that you can leverage on when introducing new products or services. 

How do you identify your international target market?

Some varying factors to determine your ideal target market include age, gender, race, their personal interests or needs, and geographics.

However, you would need the best market research tool to help you narrow it down further. Here’s our top picks that you use to best grow your business:

What are the best market research tools? 

1. Google Trends

This tool identifies how frequently your search term is entered into Google, in comparison to the other searches made over a certain time period. Additionally, it provides geographic information related to their users that can help you narrow down your target market even further. 

2. Think with Google 

Providing a range of assets, Think with Google helps you to identify trends in the market, understand consumer behaviour and gain key insights. The information provided also ranges from highly detailed, to general tools you can use to shape your customer base. 

3. Google Keyword Tool

Arguably the most in-depth tool out of the three by Google, Google Keyword Tool acts as a planner, and identifies the pertinent questions that your potential consumer base is asking on their search engine, giving you better insight into their needs and wants.

You can filter these keywords, along with changing the location and language used to ensure the best results.  

4. Market Finder 

Acting almost like a fortune teller, Market Finder helps you to spot up and coming markets, potential demands by consumers, and even interact with your valuable customers. In doing so, you can cater your current or future products or services to best serve their needs, and provide top notch customer service while doing so. 

5. Answer the Public

Last but certainly not least, Answer The Public is a free tool that aids you in figuring out just what kinds of questions are being asked online. When you enter the relevant search topic, you’ll find a list of queries, subjects, commonly-searched content and even related subjects that give you a better understanding of consumer needs. 

Get started with your foundation today

There are many tools out there to help you get started on identifying your global target market. By utilising them, you stand to gain a significant foothold in your industry, to bolster sales and create a global demand for your brand.