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Shipment records & document retention


China FAQs on Shipment Services


If you are shipping to China you are recommended to send shipments of up to USD 700 in value. Anything exceeding this amount might result in additional delay and/or duties.

The full recipient details has to be indicated clearly on the paperwork (Air WayBill/Invoice). Personal shipments should be shipped in reasonable quantities, if not it might alert the destination customs and incur additional delay and/or duties.

Meat, seafood, and yolk related products are prohibited to send into China.

It is important to clearly list down all the contents and their value when sending a personal shipment.

Items not described clearly, or without the supporting paperwork will cause delays with Chinese customs. You are recommended to speak to our Customer Service advisors if you are unfamiliar with the requirements.

Restricted commodities are not limited hence you are encouraged to contact our Customer Service advisors to have a better understanding of the customs requirements if you are unfamiliar or sending a commodity for the first time.