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Buying online means immediacy. You want it, you look for it, you buy it and you've got it. All in one click. To have it where and when you want. And if not, it’s not a good purchase. Great news for those who buy online, but a logistical challenge for anyone who launches their e-commerce.

At DHL we want to be the trusted partner of your online business, so we support it by providing a flexible and effective service as the global leader in logistics.

Everything your online store needs

Domestic e-Commerce Shipments

Your online shipments in 24/48 hours anywhere in Spain and Portugal.

International e-Commerce Shipments

Best alternative to send to Europe in a domestic manner.

Benefits for Recipients

It offers your customers flexible service and a convenient purchase with the largest collection point network.

Tools for Your Shipments

Manage your e-commerce orders and returns quickly and easily from any browser.

Web Integrations

Discover our web integration options and connect your online store with DHL.

Additional Services

Customize your order delivery online to meet your business needs.

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