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Find your local DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint

We all lead busy lives and don't always have time to wait in for a parcel to be collected or delivered, but with DHL eCommerce UK there is an alternative. 

We have over 3,500 ServicePoints across the UK where parcels can be sent, collected and returned.

Our ServicePoints can be found in local convenience stores so you can gain access to all of our parcel services and pick up a pint of milk at the same time! 



Convenient locations and opening times


Over 3,500 DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoints across the UK

Where you can send, collect and return parcels from. Book and drop off on the same day!

There's always a DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint nearby

90% of the UK population live within a 10 minute journey of a shop. Book and print labels in store!

Our DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoints are open 8am until late

Pop into your local shop at a time to suit you - on the school run, your lunch break or after work.

Our SevicePoint partners PayPoint conducted a study to reveal convenience stores rank in the top three most desirable local amenities.

  • 2 in 3 Brits state their local convenience store has become more important over the past 12 months
  • 22% relied on their local store for essentials over supermarkets during lockdown
  • 1 in 5 now on a first name basis with their local store owners
  • 33% increase in basket spend in-store from 2020 to 2021

With over 3,500 ServicePoints across the UK that you can send, collect and return from, it's never been easier to offer your customers flexible and local delivery solutions. 



Send a parcel today

You don't need a business account to send a parcel with DHL eCommerce UK. Whether you have a gift to send to a loved one or you've sold a pair of jeans on eBay, you can simply pop to your nearest ServicePoint and pay for your delivery in store. (You can still book online and pay in advance if you prefer – then you just need to drop your parcel off!)




No printer, no problem!

It's quick and simple to send a parcel with DHL eCommerce UK and you don't even need to print a label! When making your booking, just select the "label-less" option and once the order is complete, we'll send a barcode to your phone. Simply take your parcel to any of our 3,500 ServicePoints and the shopkeeper will scan the barcode on your phone and affix a label to the outside of your parcel.

Restrictions: Label-less is not available on International orders.



What parcels can be dropped off at a DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint?

There are some restrictions to our ServicePoint service. Make sure you measure and weigh your parcel accurately to ensure that it isn't rejected by the shop because it doesn't meet the below criteria.

  • If you are sending a personal parcel, it must be no bigger than 60 x 60 x 60 cm and weigh 15kg or less
  • If you are a business customer, your parcel must be no bigger than 120 x 90 x 60 cm and weigh 20kg or less
  • You cannot drop off any prohibited items at a ServicePoint
  • Not currently available on Worldwide Air orders



Collect or re-arrange a delivery to your nearest DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint

If you are receiving a parcel which has been sent with DHL eCommerce UK, we'll send you an email notification letting you know what day we will deliver your parcel. 

If you aren't going to be home at the time of the delivery, you can arrange for your parcel to be delivered to your local DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint instead on our track website. You can do this at any time - even if your parcel is already out on the van! Your parcel will be kept at your local ServicePoint for 10 days so you can pick up at a time which is convenient for you. 




What you'll need to bring to collect a parcel

Before collecting your parcel, make sure you check the opening times of your local shop. You can do this by entering your postcode into our ServicePoint finder.

When collecting parcels, please be aware of the below: 

  1. You will need to take your pick up code which will have been emailed or text to you with you to your DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint.
  2. You will need to provide photographic proof of identity to collect your parcel, e.g. Passport or Driving License.
  3. You must collect the parcel within 10 days of the date received by the ServicePoint, otherwise the parcel will be returned to the sender. 
  4. Sometimes parcels are unavoidably delayed, before leaving to collect your parcel please check it has arrived at the ServicePoint, by entering your shipment number on our Tracking website. The parcel status will show that the parcel is at the ServicePoint and available for collection.

For further help and support get in touch with us.





Return a parcel with our ServicePoint network

At DHL eCommerce UK we offer a just right returns solution for your business - you can learn more about it here. Alternatively, if you need to pay to return an item back to a sender, you can get a quick quote on our self-serve website for everyday consumers.

1. Enquire about our business account returns solutions:

Offering a simple returns process is paramount to every business. In fact, 90% of customers will buy from a retailer again if they found the returns process was easy*. 

We can help your business offer a simple returns solution to your customers. With Just Right Returns, your customers can effortlessly generate a return on our online portal. For a seamless journey from your website to our portal, we can even use your company's branding. 

Once the return has been generated, your customer can drop off the parcel at any of our 3,500 DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoints across the UK. Our returns process is completely paperless so there's no need to print a label! 

2. Send and pay to return an item on our ''send'' website:

If you have used our send.dhlparcel website to ship a parcel to a customer but they want to return it then simply create a reverse label to send to your customer. Learn more here. Alternatively, if your latest purchase doesn't quite hit the mark, and you need to pay to send it back to the retailer it's quick and easy to get a quick quote for your return delivery.

For added peace of mind, you can track your parcel from your local ServicePoint to the retailer. Our tracking system shows real-times updates so you'll know exactly where your parcel is in our network and when it has reached the retailer. 




Learn more about our business services

Our ServicePoint network and services puts the customer in control, allowing them to effortlessly collect and return parcels at a time which suits them.

If you'd like to offer flexible and convenient delivery options, increase brand loyalty and repeat business, as well as reduce the number of customer service queries you receive then enquire about a business account to see how DHL eCommerce UK could assist your business.


*InvespCro blog ecommerce product return rate statistics