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With customs procedures ironed out and a world that loves to buy British, we spoke to our Head of International John Pink about the whys, whens, and hows of going global in 2022.

The UK is the third biggest e-commerce market in the world.1 China, South Africa, India and UEA are amongst the biggest countries to say they'd pay more for British manufactured goods.2 Not to mention that - even with the new regulations and restrictions - half a billion Europeans shopped online last year, resulting in the UK generating nearly £80 billion in revenue.3

These statistics should be reason enough for businesses to think seriously about expanding globally in 2022. But in case these aren't enough to convince you, our Head of International John Pink has some other things worth considering.

Why go global at all?

"For successful UK retailers, the natural next step is to widen your marketplace - into Europe and worldwide. Other countries want to buy British products. The UK has very strong clothing, textile, and automotive industries, to name just a few. Combine this with a strong British heritage and it results in a worldwide demand for products manufactured here. DHL are committed to helping customers grow in confidence and take advantage of these opportunities and now is a great time to do so."

Why is now the time to go global?

"2021 has presented customers and logistics companies alike with a lot of additional customs and compliance complexities, and work. Brexit and IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) have both included new features, new requirements, and new sets of information. This has taken a lot of work behind the scenes but now, in 2022, we've completed that. We've ironed out teething issues so we can really focus on supporting customers' growth."

For sellers who've never shipped internationally, how can they overcome hurdles such as the uncertainty of foreign markets and connecting with global shoppers?

"Market research is very important - for any potential seller looking to expand into any new market. But it's also important to have right partner. DHL are renowned and one of the most recognised across the world. We can offer a choice of services to suit most company's needs, whether you're going to be sending a single courier pack or multiple larger parcels to businesses or consumers overseas."

Aside from DHL's size and trusted reputation, what other ways can you support business' global sales?

"Our new Universal Shipping Platform, SHIP, is a fantastic development that has all the customs attributes built into it. This ensures that we're capturing all the necessary information upfront to enable customs clearance to take place. So, when a parcel does travel through our network, we make sure we have all the information needed to minimise delays and disruptions."

"There's also the DHL Parcel Connect product - a service designed in response to the growth in e-commerce and convenient for parcel shipping across Europe within one DHL parcel network. It comes feature laden to support e-commerce delivery. We've implemented new solutions that enable us to customs clear when sending into the EU using the Parcel Connect Network. All of the other excellent capabilities of the service are available too; pre-delivery alerts, the ability to rearrange deliveries, ServicePoint deliveries, end to end track & trace, and much more."

The EU has set up the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) to smooth the way for British businesses selling into Europe. Do DHL offer IOSS?

"Yes. IOSS helps e-commerce sellers sending to consumers in the EU and minimise delays with customs clearance and the need for import taxes payments at borders for lower value shipments. We can support customers using IOSS on both air and road into Europe. The customer can register in the EU, use an intermediary to register, or, if sold on a marketplace, have the opportunity to use their IOSS number."

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'd like to express my thanks to colleagues in DHL Parcel UK. A committed team really makes a difference. 
We are here to help and assist our customers every step of the way.

To find out more about DHL's SHIP system, Parcel Connect, and all the other ways we can support your global growth, please visit here

1 B2C Europe, 2021
2 Business Live, 2021
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