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Today’s online shopper wants to be certain when their goods will arrive. So do you. You can both enjoy industry-leading reliability with DHL – the world's leading logistics company with a footprint in over 200 countries across the globe.

Every day, DHL collects thousands of parcels across the UK and delivers them to over 200 countries worldwide, with some of the fastest transit times and at the best possible prices. Booking is simple too. Whether you’re a business or personal sender, when sending your parcels into Europe and across the globe - DHL eCommerce UK is the perfect fit.

  • Excellent parcel delivery rates and transit times
  • Best in class technology to manage the dispatch and delivery of your parcels
  • A dedicated Account Manager

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European Ecommerce

Send to 31 countries across Europe

Ready for European eCommerce? Ship direct to your customer’s door in all 31 countries, complete with online tracking and proof of delivery to both residential and business addresses. In many European countries, we offer flexible delivery options, too. So your customer can have their parcel delivered to an alternative address, a ServicePoint or Locker, with predelivery alerts, online tracking and proof of delivery.

For more urgent and time-sensitive deliveries, please use our Global ecommerce service.

Maximum dimensions: 200cm (l) x 120cm (w) x 80cm (h) and up to 31kg

Global Ecommerce

Send to over 200 countries globally

Perfect for urgent and time-sensitive parcels, with signed-for delivery to your customer’s door in over 200 countries – whether a residential or business addresses.

The service also includes proof of delivery and online tracking.

Maximum dimensions: 200cm (l) x 120cm (w) x 80cm (h) and up to 31kg


Before our driver comes to collect your parcel(s) you would have booked your parcel delivery using our SHIP platform or API, completing all the necessary customs data and whether you’ve sold the items with delivery duty paid (DDP) or with delivery duty unpaid/delivered at place (DDU/DAP). Both of our European and Global ecommerce services are available on DDP and DDU/DAP terms. Below we detail how your parcel(s) travel from your business to your customer – all in a matter of days*!

Step 1

Attach your label and commercial invoice to each parcel

Step 2

DHL eCommerce UK driver scans and collects all parcels from your registered business address / ServicePoint or Depot (depending on your drop off/collection preferences)

Step 3

Parcels scanned at your nearest DHL eCommerce UK Depot

Step 4

Parcels trunked to the National DHL eCommerce UK Hub in Coventry - parcels are scanned and received into the International gateway where they undergo checks and denied party screening.

Step 5

European ecommerce service

All recipient led parcel deliveries undergo customs clearance and transport from DHL eCommerce UK in Coventry to the destination country.

For all other destinations parcels are sent to our International partner for further checks and customs clearance before handing to DHL Express for export delivery.

Global ecommerce services

Parcels are sent to our International partner for x-ray, further checks and customs clearance before handing to DHL Express for export and delivery.

Step 6

Delivery to your customers door as standard globally or their nearest ServicePoint or locker in many European countries


Every European country is different – and that’s as true for ecommerce as it is for food, culture and language.

So, if you are thinking of selling internationally, our Country Guides will help you tailor your shipping options and ensure customer satisfaction.