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We are here to support you, our customers, and your business, in sending to Europe and Northern Ireland.

DHL eCommerce UK is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status is an international quality mark for companies whose customs processes are secure and efficient.  

AEO enables us to leverage Customs Freight Simplified Procedure (CFSP), which speeds goods release from Customs and allows deferred payments.  

Data requirements

Every shipment sent through DHL eCommerce UK Limited globally is screened in order to identify any anomaly or a possible link to any of the Denied Party lists we screen against or that could breach the country-based sanctions. Read more here

See below a list of the additional data you will now need when sending a parcel to a European country.


1. Commodity code (also known as HS code)

2. Detailed product description

3. Value of product

4. Country of origin


1. EORI number

2. Address and telephone number


1. Address, email address and telephone number

Our Shipping Checklist

  • Register with HMRC (link below) for your EORI number.
  • Classify each of your products with a commodity code.
  • Ensure product descriptions are detailed and relate to a commodity code.
  • Ensure you have accurate addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers for all recipients.

How do I send parcels to Europe?

Take a look at our Parcel flow diagrams to learn more about the process for shipping to Europe post-Brexit.

Sending parcels to Northern Ireland

As an express carrier we do not require you to provide customs data for your parcels to Northern Ireland until the end of the easement period.

For business to business shipments the easement period previously due to end on 1st October 2021 has been extended, with no end date specified. For business to consumer shipments the Government has stated that businesses and carriers will have 6 months to prepare after guidance as to the long term requirements for these movements are published.

We are unable to accept items listed as restricted and prohibited goods for Northern Ireland.