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Case Study: Broadberry Data Systems

Who recently switched to DHL.

Broadberry Data Systems supply a whole host of computer technology to the world's biggest brands - it started 30 years ago with the owner fixing people's computer issues. Following an initial widening of services and a 90s sales boom, Broadberry decided to concentrate on the supply of industrial styled rack mount servers and storage solutions in the 2000's.

Why Broadberry switched to DHL for their UK and International deliveries....

Part of the reason Broadberry made the switch to DHL was because another logistics competitor was not keeping to their promises. "Bad service is bad service, no one wants to be associated with that.'' And, because a great deal of their new business comes from their website, good brand perception is everything for Broadberry. 

Bryn Downing, the General Manager of Broadberry is refreshingly matter-of-fact about how it's achieved.

With Broadberry putting so much effort into ensuring a successful and attentive customer experience, Bryn likewise appreciates DHL's efforts to do the same.

How Covid has impacted Broadberry

From TV and broadcasting, to the Ministry of Defense -  there's not many industry sectors they don't supply. With a wide client base it has safeguarded Broadberry against potential loss of sales during the Covid pandemic. Their hardware is being used by a number of companies involved in Covid testing, track and trace, and general emergency services, not to mention the high number of companies requiring new solutions to accommodate homeworkers.

Broadberry consider their online presence and online buying experience unique, and with good reason. Many of their products are custom-built. To do this, they ''often integrate new-to-the-market technology into a working solution, then get that complete solution independently reviewed." In essence, this means that the standards of their products are always assessed by a non-bias third party.

Exporting for Broadberry post Brexit

Broadberry now use DHL for all their exports, almost on a daily basis. However, during the height of Brexit-induced uncertainty Broadberry were with another competitor. 

Sustainability and Broadberry

Recognising the importance of sustainability, Broadberry are now being more proactive than ever.

As new client would Broadberry recommend DHL....(YES!)

All quotes provided by Bryn Downing - Broadberry's General Manager. 


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