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In DHL Cross-Border Solutions UK, we develop shipping and return solutions for large international e-commerce customers. To this end, we draw on established standard products for international parcel shipping and at the same time have the flexibility and knowledge to develop bespoke solutions for our e-commerce customers.

With our creative shipping solutions tailored to our customers' needs, we can meet the increasingly complex requirements of our major European e-commerce customers. We offer a wide range of product features and services - specially designed for parcel services in the e-commerce sector.

Through the access to DHL's European network, you will benefit from our quality and reliability in cross-border parcel shipping. New perspectives and chances in international e-commerce will open up for you. 

As the leading parcel provider in Europe DHL owns many years of experience and profound knowledge in e-commerce and shipping parcels. With a high level of efficiency and comprehensive services we are on the move everywhere for you!

Parcel Connect

Parcel Connect makes shipping to European countries effortless. You get on with business, we take care of your logistics.

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