Shipping Durians Internationally from Malaysia

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The booming global demand for durian and the advancement in durian-related technology, both domestically and internationally, have led to the considerable expansion of Malaysia’s durian industry. People are looking for new, tasty things to try, and this controversial yet beloved fruit is an increasingly popular commodity around the world.

Apart from appearance, flavour, and freshness, one of the most significant elements to consider with fresh durian delivery is quality. Durian packages can be damaged by unexpected changes in weather, temperature variations, poor ventilation or when held up at Malaysian or overseas customs. As a result, the exotic fruit should not be shipped out until you have researched the destination country’s import and export regulations for durians. 

The durian is a fruit with a unique exothermic reaction and needs particular attention. For this reason, importers and exporters must entrust their precious produce to experienced and specialised transportation service providers. 

To overcome these durian shipping challenges, here are a few tips on exporting durians from Malaysia effectively.

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1. Verify each country’s customs and regulations for export

Malaysia exports durians to several countries, but Singapore holds the top spot with an estimated 54%. Next up is China with 26.7%, followed by Hong Kong (13.5%), the USA (2.4%), and Australia (1.8%).

Malaysian businesses planning to send durian overseas need to check the country's import regulations in advance. Sellers should check import and export regulations, to avoid costly delays that interfere with their durian delivery agreements. If regulations are not adequately met, the durians will not be allowed to enter that country. 

For example, prior to July 2019, Chinese customs did not permit durian sellers from Malaysia to export fresh durians to China — only pulp and frozen paste was allowed. 

Each country has its own durian export regulations, so it's best to do your research well in advance. Be sure to research online and check with your local customs office or delivery service provider. 

2. Choose the right logistics solution 

Shipping durians internationally takes place by land, sea, and air, and is more complicated than other fruits. Modes of transport aside, the durian must be clean and dry before shipping, so that they won't grow mouldy during transit. 

Ensure you prepare a big enough package for your durians to sit in without touching the sides or top of the box. This will prevent bruising as it is being shipped. Mark your box with "Handle With Care" and "Fragile" so the people handling it know not to shake or drop it.

Shipping the fruit via sea freight comes with its own set of obstacles due to its high exothermic reaction. Good ventilation is a must for successful durian transportation, which translates to a need for advanced reefer containers. 

Meanwhile, sending durians by air is equally challenging. The fruit needs to be stored in an immobile container without access to oxygen or changes in temperatures, meaning special packaging must be used. Also, because of the fruit’s strong aroma, the shipping environment must be completely air-sealed. 

With all that in mind, opting for a trusted shipping provider like DHL Express Malaysia is crucial to ensure your durian products get delivered to their destination as fresh and safe as possible. 

3. Harness packaging and preservation technology 

To keep whole durians fresh for export, Malaysian entrepreneurs are using cryogenic freezing technology. This relatively new freezing method uses direct contact with liquefied gases such as nitrogen to keep the durians at an atmosphere below -60°C. 

A company in Singapore is also developing new technologies to improve durian exports. By transforming fresh durians into traceable digital assets, every durian delivery can be successfully tracked throughout every stage of the supply chain.

DHL Express Malaysia’s Durian Express requires that exporters follow these requirements when packing durians to be shipping internationally: 

  • Place fresh durian fruits into an expanded polysterene foam box.

  • Place an Ice gel on top of the wrapped fruits (to note, this is optional)

  • Seal the expanded polysterene foam box

  • Wrap the expanded polystrene foam box with shrinking film

Introducing the Durian Express Initiative by DHL Express

DHL Express Malaysia’s Durian Express Initiative provides next-day delivery of durians to Hong Kong and Singapore to boost Malaysian durian exports. The service allows exporters to easily make durian shipments to their overseas warehouses, commercial centres, or residential and office addresses. 

To enjoy the many benefits this programme offers, including fresh durian delivery, register for a business account with us to get started.