Guide to Get SIRIM Special Approval for Communication Device

3 mins
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Communication equipment is a restricted commodity that requires an import permit for entry into Malaysia. If you are importing communication equipment for personal use, obtaining an import permit from SIRIM in the form of the Special Approval and Clearance Letter (SACL) is mandatory. 

Follow these 5 steps to navigate the process smoothly:

Step 1: Register online

Go to the SIRIM QAS e-ComM website and sign up as an 'Individual'.

Complete your profile details and submit. SIRIM QAS will email you an activation code.

Use the activation code to activate your account on the e-ComM website and complete registration.

Note: Register in the receiver's name for the shipment.

Guide to Sign Up for a SIRIM QAS Account

Step 2: Submit Product Clearance application

Click on 'Product Clearance Letter' and select 'New Product Clearance Application'.

Next, fill in the details of the seller/sender and the shipment. 

Attach the required supporting documents:

  1. A soft copy of your Identification Card (IC) or Passport
  2. Technical specifications or brochures 
  3. Invoice
  4. Product user manual
Guide to Start Your Product Clearance Application

A SIRIM officer will review and approve your application. Prohibited items will be rejected, and non-certified models will be verified by the OGA officers.

Step 3: Pay the Application Fees

Make payment for the SACL application fees via Central Payment in the eComM system.

  • RM20 for certified product 
  • RM40 for non-certified product 

Each SACL is issued per shipment for one model, and you can apply for up to 12 units annually per individual.

Step 4: Prepare for Clearance

Once payment is made, the Clearance Letter is approved and can be printed from the eComM system.

You will receive your SACL within 24 hours through the e-ComM website.

Download your Product Clearance Letter (PCL) from the eComM website and provide it to Customs or your Forwarding Agent for customs clearance. 

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