Malaysia HS Code Search Guide: JKDM HS Explorer

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A fundamental aspect of international trade lies in understanding the Harmonized System (HS) Code assigned to your goods. 

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) offers a useful tool on its website to facilitate shippers in identifying the Tariff Code (Malaysia HS Code) of their goods and applicable tax rates, including import duty, sales tax, and excise duty. 

Additionally, this tool allows users to explore the rates specific to their goods within the context of each Free Trade Area (FTA), providing valuable information on any applicable tariff benefits.

Follow these 5 steps: -

Step 1: Go To The RMCD Website

Begin your search with JKDM HS Explorer.

Upon reaching the website, you will encounter a user-friendly interface.

The interface of JKDM HS explorer site

Step 2: Select the Tariff Type

Navigate to the Tariff Type column and choose 'PDK 2022 - Perintah Duti Kastam 2022,' commonly referred to as 'Customs Duty Order 2022.'

If you have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) license, select the relevant FTA agreement.

This is important because duty rates vary based on the selected tariff type.

Step 3: Choose the Search Criteria

Under the Search Criteria column, you will find 2 options.

  1. Choose ‘HS Code’ if you already know the HS Code of your goods.
  2. If the HS Code is unknown, opt for ‘Item Description’.

Then, enter the code or main keyword related to the goods you plan to import or export.

JKDM Search Criteria - HS Code or Item Description

Step 4: Initiate the Search

Click ‘Find’ to initiate the search and identify the description that closely matches your item.

Under 'search criteria,' pick the HS code and input the complete code for your product.

If you're unsure of the HS code, choose 'item description' instead. Then, specify your product with as much detail as possible. 

JKDM Search by HS code or Item Description

Step 5: Review the Results

From the search result, you will get the complete HS Code for the goods along with the import duty rate, SST, and Excise tax.

JKDM Search Result - HS Code, Import Duty Rate, SST, Excise Duty