AOB: 28 February 2020

Sam Steele
Sam Steele
Discover content team
4 min read
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A DHL Express customer hot-footing it to China and the U.S., why German customers prefer PayPal, and an update on how coronavirus is affecting global trade. It’s this week’s AOB.

Hassle-free delivery robot -returns a step closer to reality

Amazon has filed a US patent for robot delivery machines that will deliver clothing, then wait while the recipient tries them on – taking outfit returns instantly from the customer themselves1.

Last-mile delivery is embracing innovation, in the attempt to make both delivery and returns smoother, as well as more environmentally friendly. With Amazon Robots becoming more of a reality, the robot revolution really is coming.

Find out more on how to innovate your last-mile carrier to keep up with the times in our short guide here.

MyBudapester – how a DHL customer is expanding its global reach

We covered their release of the DHL-1 sneaker back in September, and now, German luxury shoe retailer MyBudapester are focusing their attention on attracting funding for a proposed move into both the Asian and U.S. markets2.

With a turnover of close to US$20m dollars in 2019, things are looking good for the retailer, who have already opened a local office, and established their web presence in China. One plenty of potential investors will be looking very closely at, we’re sure.

How is the coronavirus affecting global shipping?

The spread of coronavirus is an international health crisis, but it’s also having a significant impact on global markets, which is, in turn, affecting the movement of goods across borders – predictably to and from China, but also further afield. Only around 30% of SMEs have reopened, which account for 60% of the Chinese economy3, while firms such as Apple have already warned of a shortage of goods due to the restrictions on trade.

With stock markets dropping, there are fears of another global recession. Our article will find all you need to help protect your business from such an occurrence.


PayPal the preferred payment method for German customers

Selling to Germany? Then we recommend accepting PayPal. Results of a recent survey by the Institute for Banking Innovation at the University of Regensburg4 have revealed that 57% of Germans with a preferred payment method selected PayPal as their number one choice.

Offering your customers their favorite payment option is one of many ways you can encourage international sales. Find out more in our guide – 10 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment.

How B2B companies can up their sales (by focusing on their customers’)

Research from Nick Caffenitzis of Kellogg School of Management5 has found that B2B companies are “…most successful when they gain an understanding of a specific customers’ most pressing issues and needs from the outset, determine that the problem is important enough that the customer will commit to a solution, and from there design solutions that will gain consensus across the customer’s buying group.”

However, the findings also show that such companies are underinvesting in the tools and processes needed to capture their customers’ data. So it’s a case of knowing how to work with what you’ve got by undertaking customer data management, and working on how to get more, that could be key. Take a look at our guide to Cloud Technology to find out more.