Any Other Business: 16 October 2020

Sam Steele
Sam Steele
Discover content team
3 min read
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A new life for old clothes, a rise in registrations, and a new name in footwear; it's this week's AOB.

Slack makes strides in an unexpected direction

Best known for their communication and messaging tools that have held the business world together over the last few months, Slack have turned their attention to… footwear1.

Hot on the heels of last year’s DHL x Budapester collaboration, the company has turned to the fashion industry, collaborating with Cole Haan’s ZERØGRAND range for a mash-up no one was expecting, creating a range of casual, comfortable sneakers that are perfect for WFH.

David Maddocks, brand president of Cole Haan, commented that “Slack's innovative capabilities have proven to be a valuable tool and asset for our company… Our teams can communicate around the world as we continue to revolutionize performance lifestyle products that transition from work to workout to weekend – even if that's happening wherever you might be right now."

H&M Stockholm lets nothing go to waste with their upcycling machine.

Amid the rising volume of global waste, and growing concern of fast fashion’s role in it, H&M in Sweden has decided to do something about it2. This week, they launched their upcycling fashion Looop machine, which can turn old garments into new clothes within five hours, and lets customers watch the process themselves (should they wish).

The company has already committed to having all clothing sold in its stores made from recycled or sustainable materials by 2030, a figure that currently stands at 57%, and the Looop initiative is looking to continue raising awareness about the impact that waste is having on the world. If you’re looking to make changes in your business for the benefit of the planet, our guide will tell you all you need to know about going carbon neutral.

U.S. retailers attempt to kick Amazon to the curb

Amazon may have a lot going for it, but there’s one area where it lacks compared to the competition – physical stores. And, in the wake of Covid-19, retailers such as Target, Best Buy and Walmart (and their customers) are looking to take advantage of buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) options3 – such as curbside pickup.

A safe, convenient alternative to in-store shopping, BOPIS options give customers more control over when they receive their purchases, and alleviate concerns around doorstep theft (as well as offer the ability to hide holiday gifts from loved ones).

With more than half of those surveyed by Accenture revealing they won’t shop with a retailer again after an unsatisfactory delivery experience, the pressure is on for stores to get it right. Customer loyalty, after all, is paramount – so make sure you look after yours. Find out how to improve your customer loyalty with every delivery through our article.

Belgian shoppers increasingly turning online

Perhaps not surprising news, but interesting for those with an eye on this northern European market, is that in 2020, 72% of Belgians have made purchases online and utilised e-commerce stores, with 94% say they will in the future4.

With over half of the country’s consumers having purchased something online in the last 12 months, an increase of 20% on 2019, the study from Comeos5 is showing a trend for online retail – with mobile commerce in particular booming among the nation’s young – with 63% of under-25s having bought something with their smartphone in the last 12 months.

Businesses booming in USA

Even with all the uncertainty, Americans are applying to start new businesses at the fastest rate in over 10 years, according to the US Census Bureau6 – an encouraging trend, according to economists.

With working from home in full flow, the opportunities to borrow cheaply increasing, and flexibility in working patterns prevalent, there are promising signs for would-be American business owners. And, if you’re thinking of starting a business, it could use a name that reflects your brand. Our guide will tell you everything you need to make sure you make an impact on your industry from the get-go including how to find your business name.