Any Other Business: 11 December 2020

Sam Steele
Sam Steele
Discover content team
3 min read
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paper cutouts of a Christmas scene

Christmas is coming, and our weekly round-up of cross-border e-commerce news is as plump and juicy as they come. Let’s tuck in!

Zalando choose DHL Supply Chain to run new logistics site

Reducing delivery times for Spanish customers by up to a day and a half, Zalando's1 decision to sign a partnership agreement with DHL Supply Chain looks like a smart one already. Plus, throw into that the 600 jobs it'll create, and it's a great result for all involved with the retailer.

Jan Bartels, Senior Vice President of Customer Fulfilment at Zalando, commented that "Building up our logistics capabilities in Spain is an important and exciting prospect for us. Spain is the fifth biggest fashion market in Europe, with immense fashion credibility through its global and local fashion brands."

We're no strangers to fashion here at DHL Express – and the potential it can unlock for international e-commerce.

A first for eShopWorld

Cybersecurity is an important issue for any e-commerce company, which is why the news that eShopWorld has become the first cross-border e-commerce site to obtain the prestigious international gold standard ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications is a huge step for cyber safety.2

A milestone for international e-commerce, CEO Tommy Kelly stated, "To date these gold standard accreditations have been the preserve of multi-billion global corporate behemoths like Microsoft and Intel. At ESW we are very proud to be the first global cross-border e-commerce business to obtain the certifications which provide reassurance and certainty that we operate to the very highest international standards.

With a post-Covid spike across all its major markets, the company has proved it has systems in place to protect corporate and consumer online information and data, whether this is online or offline – one that will no doubt reassure customers around the globe.

Be careful of counterfeits this holiday season

With shoppers cutting back this festive season, counterfeit goods are projected to rise in popularity – as well as websites offering deals that are probably too good to be true, leading to the rise of fake products.

"The uptick in e-commerce purchases along with [people's] heightened price sensitivities could give a boost to the counterfeit market. As shoppers look for cheaper options online, they may find themselves on unfamiliar websites or purchasing from unauthenticated vendors, tempted by low prices and better deals for seemingly the same product," Keith Goldstein, COO at VerifyMe told the E-Commerce Times.3

Trust is crucial for e-commerce – you want your buyers to trust you, after all. But that's just as important when you're shopping, too. Be careful out there!

Cross-border e-commerce growing quicker than domestic

A new report from Kaiedo4 has revealed that regional cross-border sales are growing by an average of 14% over the next five years – compared to 9% for domestic sales. And the key driver? Better shipping.

Nitin Bhas, Strategy & Insights Lead at Kaleido Intelligence, noted that "Despite the current economic climate, cross-border e-commerce has presented merchants with significant growth opportunities, across both retail and marketplaces." He added that "This means that offering a seamless user experience becomes the biggest challenge; including preferred payment options, removing language barriers and customer support, including returns and refunds."

Luckily for you, we've got you covered. Read our articles on returnspayment methods, and global e-commerce trends to get all the information you need.

Paydek and Thunes team up to take on the world

And finally, British payment app Paydek has partnered with international specialists Thunes5 in an attempt to offer global reach to its network of customers. The collaboration will allow for local currency payments via the large international partner network and strong technology abilities of Thunes, and it has anticipated that over 80 further nations are forecast to become part of the payment after the tie-up.

"Through this collaboration, Paydek can benefit from access to Thunes' global network, and in particular, our strong foothold in emerging markets," Thunes CEO Peter De Caluwe said in the announcement.

Choosing the right online payment method is one of many obstacles you have to overcome when going global – read our guide to find out what our advice is on this, and other issues you'll face when taking your business to the world.