Export goods out of Malaysia

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Exporters need to be aware of customs regulation at the importing country in order to avoid clearance delay or worse confiscation of the item resulting into violation of the destination country’s law.

Before exporting out of Malaysia, exporters must be aware and read through the Customs (Prohibition of Export) Order 2017 to ensure that any items that require permit for export are being provided to DHL Express upon pick up. Common items that are under Conditional Prohibition are but not limited to:

  • Any items into Israel
  • Birds Nest
  • Rubber, Palm Oil, Plant and Animal Products

Export declaration requires invoice and waybill or any permit if shipment item is mentioned in the Customs (Prohibition of Export) Order 2017.

DHL will provide the declaration within 7 days after exportation. Under the Customs Act 1967 Sect 87A, a shipment moving via Air to outside of Malaysia is allowed to be declared within 7 days after exportation.

This however does not apply to shipments from Johor and also Prohibited Items.