Strategic trade goods
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In Malaysia there is a law on Export Control which is referred to as Strategic Trade Act 2010. Under the Act, there is a list of items (STA Items) which requires a permit from Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) prior to exportation. These items may be military items or items which are considered of dual use and may be used in the act of violence and terrorism.

DHL Express will assist in declaring the STA items to the RMCD based on the instruction of the exporter. The exporter is responsible to provide DHL Express the permit issued by MITI in order for the items to be declared in the K2 form as STA shipment.

Exporters must alert DHL Express Malaysia’s Commercial or Customer Service team that the goods to be exported are governed under STA 2010.

The MITI permit, Invoice and Waybill must be provided upon pick up of the STA item.

The waybill must clearly state “STA Items” which is filled up by the exporter.

There may be 1 day of delay prior to the uplift of the shipment as the customs officer may require the shipments to be examined prior to export.

There will be penalties imposed by the RMCD if an STA item with a permit was not declared prior to uplift.

If there is no form of declaration by the exporter, MITI and RMCD have the rights to proceed with legal action towards the exporter for not complying.