What To Know About Indonesian Import Taxes & Customs Regulations

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Sending parcels and packages from Malaysia to Indonesia is a breeze when you engage an international last-mile delivery service. Whether you’re sending an e-commerce purchase to a customer or a birthday gift to a loved one, international delivery is a way to stay connected with the people who matter.

To make the delivery process easier for you, we’ve collated the important information you need to know about import and customs taxes, tariffs, duties, regulations, and restrictions in Indonesia.

1. Customs duties, tariffs, and taxes in Indonesia

All imports into Indonesia including personal items are subject to CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) duty, Value-Added Tax (VAT), Excise, and Sales Tax. Imports with a total product value up to US$50 are exempt from CIF duties, but are still subject to VAT, excise, and sales taxes if applicable.

Payment of these tariffs and taxes are borne by the receiver, although under DHL Express, a sender with a MyDHL+ account can choose to pay these fees on the receiver’s behalf. DHL Express will then invoice the sender for any duties or taxes paid along with a small administration fee.

CIF is calculated based on the complete shipping value and includes:

  • Total cost of goods

  • Total cost of freight

  • Total cost of insurance

Duty costs in Indonesia vary between 0% to 40% depending on the type of goods or product being shipped. Items that can be imported duty-free include books, laptops, and electronic products. Other types of goods may be subjected to additional taxes on top of the CIF such as luxury cars (150%-200%), alcoholic beverages (5%-20%), and branded shoes (40%).

On top of CIF duties, all imported goods are subject to 11% VAT, or a reduced rate of 0%-5% calculated based on the CIF value and duty. Certain goods may be subject to Excise rates, which are meant to control their import and consumption. Excisable goods include:

  • Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol)

  • Beverages containing ethyl alcohol

  • Tobacco products

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Sales taxes vary greatly in Indonesia and depend on both the type and quantity of goods being imported. A Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (STLG)  is further applicable to selected luxury products at a rate of 10%-75% of the sum of CIF value and duty.

Indonesian customs and import laws are quite complicated, and can be confusing to navigate. That’s why DHL Express offers Customs Services to help ease the shipping experience for senders. This includes facilitating clearance authorisation, multiline entry for shipments with multiple commodities, and export declarations for controlled commodities or shipments exceeding certain value or weight thresholds. We also help you identify the HS Codes of your goods to speed up the classification and tax and duty assessments.

All necessary licences or permits required should be filled up by the sender before our couriers pick up the shipments.

2. Restricted or prohibited goods

Certain prohibited goods and commodities may face additional import restrictions or regulations when being imported into Indonesia. This includes:

  • Live animals, fish, or birds

  • Blank, cancelled, or cashier cheques

  • Electronic cigarettes

Shipping from Malaysia to Indonesia with DHL Express

We understand that it can be frustrating and confusing to understand all of the different customs laws, regulations, duties, tariffs, and taxes involved in sending a package from Malaysia to Indonesia. That’s where our expertise in international shipping and delivery comes in.

International shipping might sound complicated but with the right courier service by your side you can enjoy a smooth shipping and delivery experience for both you and your receiver. As a leader in international last-mile delivery, DHL Express is a reliable and proficient shipping partner with global expertise in customs regulations. 

Our staff are equipped at every step of the way to help you solve any problems you might encounter and guarantee seamless cross-border shipping to Indonesia. Register for a MyDHL+ account today to find out how you can benefit from our international shipping and delivery expertise.

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