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Naelofar's Digital Makeover for Modest Fashion to Drive Customer Engagement
4 Mins Read
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Naelofar understands that good customer experience offers a competitive advantage for companies. By ensuring that the journey of the consumer as they progress through the funnel is organic and effortless, the Naelofar brand has been able to build better brand affinity and convert more sales. Read on to find out more about Naelofar’s digital transformation.

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Building a Customer Engagement Strategy

A marketing funnel is a useful concept to understand the process in which leads turn into sales. It follows the customer from the time they are aware of the product up to the time of purchase. The funnel can be broken down into three fundamental steps:

  • Awareness: When a product such as Naelofar Hijab catches a prospective customer's attention through social media posts or ads. 

  • Interest: When the prospective customer inquires for more information about the product.

  • Action: The final stage where the customer makes the intent and final decision to purchase.

A digital marketing funnel is a good framework to build a customer engagement strategy that will help improve brand affinity with consumers. Customer journey mapping places the focus on user experience to improve customer service - with conversion of leads a welcomed by-product. 

Tagline and Purpose for Better Consumer Engagement 

n 2020, Naelofar introduced their brand’s purpose, “Go Far” to get people to start talking loudly on social media about modest fashion and its intersections with their own identity. With this new branding statement, the brand hopes to build a stronger brand affinity by creating a global community of empowered women who are interested in modest fashion. Naelofar aims to inspire women to always feel proud and confident in choosing modest fashion.

The brand has pushed this identity on their digital platforms, through YouTube videos and Instagram posts with the hashtag, ‘#NaelofarBabes’. Encouraging their customers to use the hashtags in their personal posts drove digital customer engagement and awareness of the modest fashion brand. 

The new branding has also allowed Naelofar to attract and engage new and younger customers who are more comfortable with online interaction and shopping interested in modest fashion  .

Customer Journey Mapping through Digital Elevation 

The brand’s owner and founder, Neelofa, is a popular Instagram influencer for acting, modelling and her advocacy for modest fashion. Her popularity also translates into customers having a personal connection to the Naelofar brand. Naelofar has done well in converting emotional connectedness into potential leads for the business. 

This positive social media presence engages users and encourages them to explore products of Naelofar. One click from the instagram page to the landing site of the Naelofar website showcases a seamless and positive customer experience journey.

In Malaysia, e-commerce platforms are an important part of the customer journey. The COVID-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia has proved that a robust e-commerce framework is important for the scalability of businesses. While many brick-and-mortar shops have been negatively affected by the lockdowns, businesses with a digital front were able weather the pandemic better. Naelofar knows the potential of diversifying their digital reach and widening their official distribution channel. Earlier in 2020, Naelofar came on board the Shopee Celebrity Squad to boost their e-commerce and digital presence. 

Efficient and Adaptable Logistics 

Additionally, Naelofar products are available in other channels such as Luxe Boutique TTDI, 1 Utama, Isetan KLCC and SOGO KL. Naelofar also distributes her brand internationally through specialised modest fashion stockists. To date, Naelofar has found over 500 authorised stockists worldwide to support her e-commerce distribution strategy. She works with DHL Malaysia to support their omnichannel distribution strategy. For international deliveries, Naelofar depends exclusively on DHL Express for international shipping. 

In an interview, COO Noor Nabila Mohd Noor explained that the team uses weekly sales data to observe consumer engagement patterns and trends. Using this data, the brand can map out the customer journey and adapt for the future strategies. Warehousing and distribution need to adjust accordingly to fit the new strategies in order to maintain high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Partner With Third-Party Logistics Company

Partnering with a reliable 3PL company is essential to support the digital makeover of a business to maintain flexibility and speed throughout the supply chain. Setting up an e-commerce company that aims to distribute globally is no easy feat. A robust and technologically adept logistics solution is needed to supplement your customer engagement strategy. Without a logistic solution to support omnichannel distribution, your e-commerce business will not go beyond attraction and brand awareness – a sustained consumer engagement and returning customers will be difficult.  As Naelofar has successfully done, a 3PL company can offer omnichannel solutions to provide one-touch integration across all official channels. This drives consumer engagement and enables customers to complete a purchase and receive orders from any channel they choose.