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Track and trace: improve international package tracking with DHL Express

Business · 4 Mins Read

Track and trace: improve international package tracking with DHL Express

As a one-stop logistics service, DHL Express manages the shipment’s journey from start to finish. This gives us the opportunity to track all shipments accurately as it races through our network. This visibility, in turn, helps you plan and schedule more efficiently. More importantly, it notifies you of potential delays so you can take the necessary actions as a preventive measure, ensuring that the speed of your shipment is never compromised.

DHL Express tracking service is optimised to give you timely updates of your shipment’s progress – from the moment it is handed over to DHL to the very second it is signed for by your receiver. By leveraging new technologies and streamlined processes, everything that happens to your shipment will be recorded sequentially, giving you a transparent overview and a clearer estimate of the delivery period.

How to track my shipment?

Key in your unique 10-digit air waybill number (not consisting of any alphabets) in the ‘tracking number’ field. The up-to-date status of your shipment will be generated with the latest occurrence on the top-most field. All the entries are time-stamped and location-tagged, ensuring that you are always in the know at any given time. You can track up to 50 different waybill numbers in a single e-mail by keying it in bulk to

You can share the package’s tracking number with your recipient, allowing them to monitor and arrange for an ideal delivery schedule or collection with their local DHL Express.

How long is the transit time?

Once your shipment is in our care, our system will generate an estimated delivery date. This is an automatically-generated estimate based on the details of your waybill and the indicated address. The estimate also takes into account any public holidays that might impact the overall transit time. DHL Express does not factor in transit over the weekends.

All transit-time estimates are subjected to customs clearance and airline uplift availability.

How can I get delivery notifications?

Want to get real-time updates on the go? We offer the option of receiving delivery notifications directly to your e-mail or mobile via SMS. Simply select “Sign up for shipment notifications” and choose the necessary fields, customisable to your needs!

All DHL Express shipments have to be signed for by a receiver. Their signature is recorded in our system as electronic proof of delivery (POD). In the event of your absence, family members or colleagues can also sign for the shipment on your behalf. A shipment with a POD signifies that the delivery has been completed.

However, it is important to take note that if the consignee has opted for ‘signature release’ under On-Demand Delivery, a signature will not be required upon delivery.  

DHL Express’s dedication to innovative solutions

As technology innovations make big waves across industries, logistics and supply chain management are no longer what they used to be. Gone are the days when all logistical processes are handled manually, with most supply chain players implementing new technologies into their operations.

To enhance your import and export experience, DHL Express is dedicated to complementing our logistics solutions and products with new technologies that possess immense potential in optimising and streamlining existing processes. New wireless technologies, for instance, promise bountiful opportunities for industries to leverage increased end-to-end supply chain visibility, enhanced operational efficiencies, and accelerated automation. Low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) are one such wireless technology that works to enhance tracking logistics assets in large, regional areas over a very large period of time. By utilising radio frequencies to transfer data for easier tracking and identification, rRadio-frequency identification (RFID) technology can also help retailers track inventory throughout the supply chain, citing up to 80% in stocktaking.

When it comes to international package tracking, traceability and transparency are key. However, this is tough to achieve due to decentralisation, market fluctuations and the multitude of players involved. Blockchain technology helps to fill this gap by offering an accessible, single system that carries and stores information, which is fixed by design. This means accessible product traceability and transparency throughout production and the supply chain, ensuring that you are privy to the state of your shipment at all times.

The benefits of new logistics technologies will trickle down to your consumers as well. By incorporating cloud-based service applications and application programming interfaces (API), we are also able to provide reliable shipment tracking, along with fully-landed cost calculations, rate sourcing, and other logistical services anywhere on the web. This means you can stand to revel in all of its benefits with a single click of a button! By seamlessly integrating logistics APIs into your business, you are able to provide your customers with transparent shipping options, global parcel tracking, last-mile delivery, and more. This helps to build a cohesive and pleasant customer experience, further solidifying your brand in the market.

DHL Express is always looking for new ways to improve your import and export experience. Feel free to reach out to us should you have any queries.

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