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Current as of: 04.01.2023

E-commerce platforms are the foundation for modern online stores. There are very many programs in the market to create a place in the network for your business, but there are some challenges that may be appropriate. Which e-commerce platforms are particularly popular in our country and how can they be used to create online stores?

What e-commerce platform for the online store?

The webshop platform cannot be selected too vagina. Ultimately, it is largely dependent on the stability of the entire page, the quality of the presentation of the store, and the consumer experience when reviewing its content. The choice of e-commerce platform should be preceded by a thorough review of the business needs. For example, the size of the online store (small, medium or large), the company’s budget, the number of available functionality, or the time when the development of the site should be completed should be evaluated. The best store platform is the one that best meets the needs of the online store.

Market-based sales platforms can be divided due to the model they operate in. Open-source platforms are most popular, which is free at every stage of the use of open source code programs. They offer a huge opportunity to modify the online store, but it can be time consuming if there are no available templates.

A little bit less popular is the Saas model. Software as a Service). These are the subscription platforms that allow you to quickly implement the online store, but you need to pay your payments regularly. Another option is dedicated platforms. They are created from zero and provide virtually unlimited design capabilities. The drawbacks of platforms dedicated to this are primarily price, long implementation time, and payments related to ongoing system development.

Top e-commerce platforms in Poland

People looking for e-commerce platforms often opt for open-source licenses. There are no fees and access to the open source code encouraging entrepreneurs to use this solution. Particularly popular e-commerce platforms in the Polish market are WooCommerce, PrestAshop and Magento.


PrestAshop is an example of an open-source platform, available for free and large opportunities to create store websites. There are lots of pre-printed templates in your portfolio to customize the design of your creator’s preferences. It is primarily regarded as a relatively easy-to-use service and the ability to enhance the functionality of the online shop with numerous useful modules. PrestAshop also offers access to official support, but this service is also paid.


Although WooCommerce is a dedicated online commerce plug in the WordPress content management system, it can be counted on e-commerce platforms. Completely free use, extremely robust features and the ability to make the most of the integration have made it the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. The WooCommerce offers nearly 60,000 full-free plugins that allow you to expand your online stores with interesting functionality. This platform will be a particularly interesting solution for small and medium-sized retailers, as at some stage the store’s expansion of new components can cause performance issues.


The environment and the modification of Magento’s online store are slightly more difficult than other most popular e-commerce platforms, but there is very much opportunity. With this system, you can create stores with advanced functionality, so it is recommended for those who do not satisfy the basics. Magento’s big advantage is a rich suite of built-in tools, both for direct modification and to those providing different analytical data. These and other solutions help SEO strategy for the online store.