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Speed up delivery and provide an alternative delivery address!

If you're ordering a home purchase and you may be in a different location on the day of delivery, DHL Parcel allows you to deliver your shipment free of charge to an alternate address, such as a neighbor. This will quickly deliver your order and you and the shipper will know exactly who picked it up and when.

You can also use the option to deliver to a neighbour by providing an alternative delivery address in the online shop.

Why provide an alternative delivery address and use a neighbor's help, for example?

  • The shipment can be delivered even if you are not at the address indicated.
  • When you enter an address in the neighborhood, you don't have to walk far to pick up your shipment.
  • The recipient will receive an email/sms notification when a neighbor picks up the shipment.
  • The shipment will be collected by a third party, always with your consent.
  • The service is already included in the shipping price, no additional charges required.

Speed up delivery and provide an alternative delivery address!

  1. Online purchase
    When you're finalizing your purchase in your online store, be sure to enter your email address and mobile phone number.
  2. Pick-up
    On the day before delivery, we notify you by SMS of your attempted delivery. At this point, you can use the Redirect Package service and change your delivery address. on  alternate address. This is a place in the immediate vicinity, e.g. your neighbor's address
  3. Delivery of the shipment
    You'll receive an Email/SMS notification when a neighbor picks up your shipment.

Answers to common questions about shipments to a neighbor

  • The buyer can indicate any person to whom he has confidence. It can be a security worker in a block or on a housing estate, a friendly employee of a store or a service facility located next to your place of residence. It is important that the alternate address is located in the immediate vicinity of the place where the shipment was addressed (e.g. an apartment in the same block or an adjacent building).

  • The courier will only attempt to deliver the parcel to a neighbor if the recipient of the package is not at home and leaves the VISA. When the DHL courier does not receive the addressee or neighbor, the shipment will return to the DHL warehouse. If the courier delivers the shipment to a neighbor and the buyer has provided their mobile phone number, DHL will send a delivery notification to the neighbor.

  • You can track your shipment on

  • The choice of a free 'delivery to neighbour' service (alternative address) helps to deliver the consignment effectively on the scheduled date, even if the addressee is absent.

  • An address in the vicinity is a place located in the immediate vicinity of the recipient's place of residence to which he addressed his consignment. It can be a friend's apartment in the same block (on another floor or in an adjacent staircase) or an adjacent building / property of a neighbor.

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