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online or at DHL ServicePoints throughout Poland


because with insurance


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up to 30 kg

sum of the shortest
and longest side
up to 50 cm


up to 30 kg

sum of the shortest
and longest side
from 51 cm to 80 cm


up to 30 kg

sum of the shortest
and longest side
81 cm to 120 cm*


up to 30 kg

sum of the shortest
and longest side
121 cm to 180 cm*

* Applies to single-piece international shipments with a maximum size of 120 x 60 x 60 cm.
** For shipments to the UK, 0% VAT applies to transport services and the maximum dimensions of shipments are 100x50x50 cm.

In the price of the shipment:


up to 500 Euro in the price

Shipment status information

on our website

Email notifications

Information for the sender about the exit of the shipment abroad and the delivery to the consignee

Additionally paid services:

Shipment insurance

Additional shipping insurance up to the value of 6500 PLN.
Fee: PLN 12.30 gross (PLN 10 net)

Custom item surcharge

The fee shall be added to consignments of round, cylindrical, roll and tube shape, triangle or oval cross-section, irregularly shaped, with protruding parts, containing loose, heavy elements or whose weight distribution is uneven, all of which are partially packaged or do not have packaging, but for which the lack of packaging does not affect transportability (e.g. tyres, mattresses, etc.) ,  consisting of several interconnected consignments which exceed the standard dimensions, with a viscous slip-free surface (e.g. rubber, etc.) placed in loose packaging, cord-bound, the packaging of which includes: synthetic materials, metal, wooden, fabrics, films, objects with rubber edges or fasteners (e.g. bags, bags, buckets, films).
Fee: PLN 148 gross (PLN 120.32 net)

Customs Clearance

For the dispatch of goods of a non-commercial or commercial nature to the United Kingdom export and import clearance is used.

The associated costs are included in the basic fee. As part of the DHL FORYOU INTERNATIONAL service to the UNITED KINGDOM:

  • DHL Parcel a service for the carriage of goods up to a maximum value of EUR 1 000,
  • in the case of shipments sent in DHL POP or at the courier, it is necessary to prepare the shipment in advance for the and self-printing of transport and customs documents (CN23 declaration and proforma invoice).
  • it is not possible to obtain an export confirmation entitling the application of the 0% VAT rate on exports.


In the case of certain types of consignments, the consignee may be obliged to pay customs duties and other taxes and handling charges resulting from import customs clearance on delivery of the consignment. Detailed information on shipments to the UK is available at

Data needed for customs clearance 

If you ship to the UK, you will need the additional data necessary to carry out the customs clearance:

  • purpose of the shipment (possible options: sale of goods, designs or samples, gift, documents, return of goods or other)
  • Currency, in which the value of the transferred items will be given (for all items must be used one currency (possible options: PLN, GBP, USD, EUR, CHF)
  • country of origin of the goods (optional)
  • name of each of the goods in English
  • customs tariff code (optional) - within the framework of the uniform classification of products (Harmoised Systsem - HS) - all commodity codes are available on the website
  • number of pieces of each of the articles
  • weight in kg each individual article
  • value of each article in the currency you selected earlier
  • weight of the entire shipment with packaging

If you ship as a business, you may also need:


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FAQ - answers to common questions about the international DHL Parcel for Individual Clients

Full offer

The price list applies to domestic and international shipments payable in cash or by card (at selected points).


This Price List applies in the event that the Customer does not combine with DHL Parcel a separate contract for the provision of transport services, which would provide for the application of the Price List of services DHL Parcel – special price list.


All prices are expressed in LCY. Prices include a tax on goods and services at the appropriate rate.

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