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DHL Parcel supports the e-commerce industry because we are part of it. We focus on modern technological solutions, we offer a wide range of DHL courier services in Poland and abroad. In choosing a courier company, it is worth going beyond the requirements of the e-shop and check whether the supplier will meet the expectations of our target customers. This decision will have an impact on the future: sales development, brand building and customer base.

We know that for an e-shop, finding an online buyer and conducting a sales transaction is only half the success. Delivery remains effective, preferably the first time. Satisfaction  customers translates directly into their loyalty and, consequently, to re-purchases in the e-shop. Meet  how effectively DHL Parcel supports your e-commerce business!

Solutions for your business

IT Integration

Automate your daily give and use the modules that integrate your systems with DHL24! We enable you to connect and operate all products and additional services DHL Parcel. Use our solutions to make DHL24 - shipment and bill of lading, courier ordering, shipment status information - they are available directly to your apps!Check IT integrations with DHL Parcel.

Nadania in DHL24

The app is a service center for your shipments DHL Parcel. You can manage your shipments when you are comfortable -7 days a week, around the clock. You will also have access to all the information in one place, e.g. shipment history, interventions, complaints. Day-to-day maintenance issues are of the highest priority when you report them to us via DHL24. Read more about DHL24.

Collection and refund (COD)

The collected payment for the goods is transferred to the customer by bank transfer within 5 working days, counting from the next business day after the day of delivery of the shipment. Each shipment with COD is additionally insured. Read more.

Shipping Individual DHL Parcel ServicePoints

If you have a contract with DHL Parcel and an active customer number, you can confidently ship individual shipments at our partner points. You will do this without waiting for the courier, at a convenient DHL Parcel point, in the price of the basic service and with discounts charged according to your contract!

Read more about DHL Packages.

Solutions for your customers

Free email/sms notifications about shipment status

They are a convenient way to communicate with your audience. Through them, we inform customers of e-shops about the planned delivery time of the ordered goods. Notifications in DHL Parcel free of charge, and knowing the shipping status at every stage of delivery is invaluable to the recipients! They save both broadcasters and customers time, as an automated notification system reduces the need for individual e-shop contact with the customer. Read more.

Redirect Package

It is a service that allows recipients of shipments to change the date or place of delivery of the package after it has been shipped, without having to contact the e-shop. In practice, your customers can reschedule a delivery by 2 days and receive an email/SMS notification at each stage. Read more about the service.

Service to a neighbor

You can use the option to ship to a neighbor when the shipment recipient provides an alternate delivery address in the online shop. Your customers will receive email/SMS alerts with the delivery status of the shipment so they can control the situation.  Read more.

DHL Package Service Pickup

We provide a network of collection points. It includes 15,000 DHL POP Points and 170 DHL POP Automates. Your customers can choose a convenient location, receive e-mail/SMS alerts, and have 4 calendar days to receive.

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Tools for business

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Documents DHL Parcel

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Additional Services

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