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Current as of: 1.06.2022

Online retailers often face requests from buyers to ship goods on delivery (with payment on delivery). It means paying for the order to the courier after receiving the package. Sometimes this is a prerequisite for finalizing a deal. In such a situation, it is advisable to use cash on delivery shipping at DHL PaczKING, as it guarantees security for both the buyer and the seller.

How to send a parcel on delivery in DHL?

Sending a cash-on-delivery shipment in DHL is the same as standard shipping, which you can order through Importantly, you do not sign any contract, and you have at your disposal a simple and intuitive form for broadcasting.

  1. Select the size of the package.
  2. Enter the address of the sender and recipient of the shipment
  3. Determine the value of the shipment to be insured.
  4. Select the additional service Parcel by delivery.
  5. Enter the amount of the collection and enter the account number to which you want to receive the funds.
  6. Enter the full details of the sender and recipient.
  7. Specify how to send and receive the package.

Advantages of cash on delivery at

Those using DHL PaczKING will appreciate the minimum paperwork and fast delivery of the cash on delivery parcel service. Below are the main advantages of cash on delivery shipping in DHL:

For the shipper

  • Greater confidence on the part of buyers and higher chances of selling high-value items.
  • Any shipment with cash on delivery service is insured free of charge.
  • You will receive a transfer of funds up to 5 working days after the recipient has given the courier the amount for collection.

For the recipient

  • Cancellation of the purchase if the shipment is damaged.
  • Additional time to accumulate funds for payment (within shipment time).

For whom is cash on delivery the best solution?

Cash on delivery shipping with DHL is an extremely cost-effective service primarily for occasional sellers, for example using advertising services. Buying valuable items from a private individual usually raises questions for potential buyers. Because of this, they may look for similar merchandise in online stores, for example. Making COD shipping available therefore increases the seller's credibility in the eyes of the buyer and encourages the transaction.

What is worth remembering when using cash on delivery shipping in DHL PaczKING?

  • Cash on delivery is a paid additional service of DHL and costs + 6.50 PLN net to the final shipping amount.
  • The maximum, one-time amount to be collected from the recipient is PLN 6,500. If it receives multiple shipments from a single sender at the same time, the amount increases to PLN 11,000.
  • The insurance value of the parcel must not be less than the amount of collection.
  • DHL offers a competitively short turnaround time to the shipper. It is exactly 5 working days, starting from the next working day after the day of delivery. We inform the sender of the delivery and payment by email or SMS.
  • In some cases, the transfer deadline from DHL may be extended or you may not receive the funds at all,in which case the cash on delivery shipment returns to the sender. This happens when the recipient refuses to pay, for example, after inspecting the contents of the shipment and discovering irregularities. The transaction is also impossible if the recipient does not have cash on him, because this is the only way he can pay for a COD package.

Do you plan to ship cash on delivery? Use the 10% discount code at! The code CON22B10 is valid until31.12.2022 paying online. is an extremely convenient shipping service: no contract and no need to print a label. You can send COD shipments domestically and to Europe: from small packages to pallets. What's more, opting for cash-on-delivery does not preclude you from sending and/or picking up your package at DHL POP locations. They are a convenient alternative to direct contact with the courier. These are popular places visited every day, including Shell, Żabka, Lidl, Kaufland, ABC and Inmedio.