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When is it a good idea to send documents by courier?


Current as of: 04.01.2023

Thanks to the development of courier companies, very many types of goods can now be sent via courier. Although private carriers are primarily associated with transporting packages, they also deliver documents. This type of content, however, requires a completely different approach to preparing the shipment. Does it make sense to send documents by courier? What should you know before sending the envelope?

Is it worth sending documents by courier?

When sending documents digitally is not an option, it remains to deliver them to the addressee in physical form. To simplify this task, the shipper can use the services of a courier company. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this solution? Shippers value above all the speed of the delivery process. Documents sent by envelope mail can reach the addressee even the next business day. Courier companies insure the packages they transport, so you don't have to worry about possible losses due to damage to the shipment.

Both the sender and the addressee can track the route of the documents without hindrance - courier shipments are recorded at each stage of their journey, so that their status is updated in the tracking system provided by the carrier. The waybill number will be used to verify where the shipment is currently located. The string assigned to an envelope only needs to be transcribed into the corresponding field of the monitoring system.

Do you send a lot of documents and fear high costs? Envelope shipping can be much cheaper if you decide to sign a contract with a courier company. Such cooperation means not only lower prices for a single envelope, but also priority support for your company. With the DHL eCommerce selection, you will have access to the useful DHL24 app, so you can easily order and manage new courier shipments with ease. The ability to automate some of these tasks, create templates and edit them will allow you to ship even faster - so the recipient doesn't have to wait longer than necessary for the shipment.

What to check before you decide to order a courier?

Wanting to send documents by courier, you need to read the carrier's arrangements in this regard. Courier companies usually indicate precisely in their regulations which type of documents will not be able to be sent through them. Among the copies that are most often refused for shipment are securities, tender documents or treasury bills and other documents of a payment nature in this form. If the document you wish to send is not among those banned by the courier, there is the option of using shipping.

Be sure to strictly adhere to the carrier's regulations in this regard. If the shipment is damaged and transported unauthorized contents, the customer will not be compensated for this. If you are wondering whether the document you want to send can definitely be sent via courier service, contact customer service.

What to pay attention to when sending documents by courier?

The offer for envelope shipments in most aspects is not significantly different from standard parcel shipping. To ensure that the recipient has the shortest possible waiting time for the documents, it is worth trying to send as soon as possible, preferably before noon. Before sending, you should also find out if you will need to purchase any additional services that the courier company offers. For example, if a recipient wants to receive a document by a certain time, remember to select this delivery option when requesting a shipment: for DHL eCommerce, it will be DHL eCommerce 9 or 12, then the recipient will receive the shipment by 9am or 12pm the next day, respectively. When sending important documents by courier, it is also a good idea to make sure they are properly secured.