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Current as of: 1.06.2022

The range of DHL PaczKING services is wide, so you can ship items of non-standard weight and dimensions, including fragile and delicate ones, with us. All this without having to sign a contract - both in Poland and internationally. Not sure how to safely pack unusual items for shipping? You can find useful tips on this subject below.

Unusual items and how to pack them - advice from DHL

If you plan to send by courier an irregularly shaped item or dimensions that exceed 120 x 60 x 60 cm - send it on DHL PaczKING as a non-standard package. This is an additional paid service that also allows for the shipment of items in loose packaging, glassware and liquid substances. Remember, however, that a non-standard shipment requires proper protection during transport. It varies according to the size, weight and characteristics of each item. Below we detail the most popular among them.

How to send a bicycle by courier?

Shipping a bicycle by courier is only seemingly complicated. The advantage of most bicycles is that they can be partially disassembled and shipped in a package without having to purchase a custom shipping service.

  • If you plan to send your bike by courier, disassembling the wheels, saddle and pedals is a good idea.
  • Protect protruding parts such as a fork from puncturing the carton.
  • Fill the free spaces inside the package with Styrofoam.
  • Wrap all separate components of the bike with bubble wrap, which will prevent scratching. This includes small accessories, such as a bell or lamp. 

Shipping of furniture by courier

How to send furniture by courier to ensure cheap and safe transportation? It all depends on the size and design of the furniture.

  • If the weight of a piece of furniture does not exceed 50 kg and can be disassembled into smaller pieces, you can pack it, for example, in an XXL cardboard box with a cuboid shape.
  • In other cases, the furniture should be placed on a palette. Adjust its size (on DHL PaczKING you have a choice of pallet sizes from S to XXL) in such a way that the furniture does not protrude beyond the outline of the pallet.
  • Secure the corners of the furniture with cardboard boxes or Styrofoam, and wrap the whole thing tightly with stretch film.

Electronics - how to prepare them for shipping?

Electronic devices such as a TV or computer are particularly susceptible to mechanical damage during transportation. For shipping, therefore, it is best to use their original cartons. Alternatively, you can also use another cardboard box of similar dimensions.

  • Carefully fill the empty spaces of the package - preferably with Styrofoam. In particular, apply it to the corners of the electronics and in front of its screen.
  • Wrap the carton additionally with stretch film and seal it.
  • Pack items such as cables, antennas or remotes separately.
  • Remember that the TV should be transported in an upright position, so mark the position of the device on the package. A sticker with an up-and-down symbol will help. In addition, also stick labels that read: caution or caution, glass.

Protection of household appliances for transport by courier

Household appliances are large and heavy, so when sending them on DHL ParcelKING, only pallet shipment comes into play.

  • Secure appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine or stove firmly to the pallet with special conveyor belts.
  • Secure any moving parts, such as the refrigerator door or washing machine drum.
  • Use cardboard or Styrofoam to protect the edges of household appliances.
  • Wrap all equipment with bubble wrap and stretch wrap.
  • Provide the courier with easy access to pick up and load household appliances. Because of this, on the day the courier picks up your shipment should be outside - either on the street or in the parking lot.

How to pack a suitcase for a DHL courier?

Preparing a suitcase for shipment by courier is a relatively simple task, but a few rules should be followed. Above all, no documents or perishable food products can be sent in the suitcase. For example, you can fill your luggage with clothes, footwear and travel souvenirs.

  • If you want to send a suitcase as a standard shipment, you need to pack it in a cardboard box.
  • A suitcase wrapped only in stretch fabric constitutes a non-standard shipment, which generates additional charges.
  • Your suitcase must be closed - no objects can stick out of it.
  • When shipping a case in a cardboard box, fill in any empty spaces.

Shipping of wheels, tires or rims by courier

Rims, tires and wheels are large and heavy items that should be shipped individually. On DHL PaczKING you can use a standard parcel for this purpose, packing them in four cartons of compatible dimensions.

  • Wrap the wheels, rims or tires tightly with stretch before packing them in cartons.
  • After placing the wheels in the cardboard box, fill the empty spaces with styrofoam.
  • If you don't have all the matching cardboard, you can also stiffen the top and bottom of the wheel with cardboard and then wrap it in stretch film. However, it will be a custom shipment.

How to protect liquids for shipping?

Liquids sent via DHL PaczKING can be treated as both a standard parcel and a non-standard parcel. You can use the standard parcel if you are sending cosmetics. However, we consider other containers with liquids, for example, barrels, buckets or canisters to be non-standard shipments. Protect containers of liquids from breaking or unscrewing:

  • Fit a suitable cardboard box and fill it with shock-absorbing and moisture-absorbing materials.
  • Wrap the caps with bubble wrap and seal.
  • You can additionally wrap bubble wrap around the carton itself.
  • Use stretch, which prevents the cardboard from getting wet.
  • Apply appropriate labels, for example, caution, caution, glass or top-down.