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Current as of: 01.03.2023

Customers today expect courier companies to have complete freedom and flexibility in the area of shipment and delivery. They are also increasingly opting for out of home delivery (OOH). In response to market trends, DHL’s 18,000-point network of POPs has been joined by DHL BOX 24/7 small package vending machines.

This is an important convenience for people who order a lot online. Not only can you pick up your order quickly and conveniently at the vending machines, but you can also return your purchases to the e-shop or send a parcel to family or friends. The convenience and the whole range of additional benefits that the use of vending machines brings can also convince those who send parcels occasionally.

Why are parcel machines becoming so popular?

For several years now, it has been possible to collect and send DHL parcels, among others, at POP points located in Żabka, Inmedio, Lidl, Kaufland, Stokrotka Express, Lewiatan or Shell petrol stations. Parcel vending machines complement the network of collection points and have the advantage of being open 24/7.

The location of the vending machines is also not insignificant. The network is expanding successively throughout Poland at retail and service outlets such as grocery shops, petrol stations and pharmacies.

What's more, customers are attracted by the long time to receive their parcel - up to four days! Even if you are away for the weekend, you don't have to worry about your parcel returning to sender.

 DHL BOX 24/7 machines are also a convenient alternative to direct contact with the courier. They allow parcels to be sent or collected at a convenient time, for example on the way to work or while walking with the family. No need to wait for the courier at home.

Sending and receiving parcels in vending machines is also environmentally friendly. Why? Because instead of making dozens of trips a day, the courier makes only a few to designated points where he leaves or picks up a larger number of parcels. And this in turn contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 60%. In addition, by sending or collecting a parcel from a vending machine on foot, you can ensure that you reduce your own carbon footprint.

For the convenience of consumers, we focused on the practical aspects of using DHL BOX 24/7 at the design stage. Each vending machine is equipped with intuitive touchscreens, lighting and a canopy to protect against rain, while parcel security is ensured by monitoring.

How to send and receive shipments in DHL BOX 24/7 machines?

  • Dropping off packages at  DHL BOX 24/7 machines is fast and convenient. All you have to do is scan the bottom barcode from the label (either printed or directly from your smartphone) or enter the parcel number received in the notification on the device screen. A correctly entered number opens a box into which the parcel can be inserted. Done!
  • On collection, when the parcel arrives at the DHL BOX 24/7 machine of your choice, you will be sent an SMS or email with a unique PIN code. Simply enter this code at the designated DHL BOX 24/7 machine and collect your parcel.

How to send parcels to DHL BOX 24/7 machines at

  • At DHL BOX 24/7 machines, you can send domestic, international and COD parcels weighing up to 25 kilograms.
  • Simply register and pay for your shipment online at by selecting “I will drop it off at the DHL BOX 24/7 machine” and indicate which machine you have selected.
  • When preparing a package, there is no need to worry about running out of ink in the printer. There is no need to print a label. Simply write the consignment number on the packaging.
  • The rest will be taken care of by DHL, which will collect the parcel from the DHL BOX 24/7 machine and deliver it to the indicated address (door, DHL POP point or DHL BOX 24/7 machine) as requested.


For more information and updates on  DHL BOX 24/7 machines, visit

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