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Need to quickly ship a domestic shipment up to 31.5kg? Take advantage of our offer for individual customers!


We deliver shipments in Poland in as many as 3 variants: on the next working day until 12.00, between 18 and 22 or until the end of the working day. With a convenient online application, DHL24, you'll quickly select the right pricing package and complete it with useful additional options, such as collection and refund (COD).   


You also have a full selection of options for: DHL eCommerce ServicePoints, Customer Service Point or by ordering a courier. You can track the status of your shipment at any time on the track shipment.

Domestic Shipping Prices

In each package free of charge:

shipment insurance

up to 6 500 PLN

delivery of the shipment

by the DHL Courier eCommerce
to the customer's door

redirection of the package

change of place and date of service
for online shipments

Paid Additional Services:

DHL eCommerce courier pick-up

+10 PLN gross (8.13 PLN net)

Shipment insurance up to PLN 50,000

+2 PLN gross (PLN 1.63 net)

Cash on delivery collection (COD)

+ PLN 8 gross (PLN 6.50 net)

Pre-delivery information (PDI)

+3 PLN gross (2.44 PLN net)

Delivery by 12: 00 AM

+17 PLN gross (13.82 PLNnet)

Premium Delivery Guaranteed Next Business Day Delivery Guarantee

+4 PLN Gross (3.25 PLN net)

Saturday Drop

+22 PLN gross (17.89 PLNnet)

Saturday service

+22 PLN gross (17.89 PLNnet)

Paid Additional Services:

Custom Shipment

+154 PLN gross (125.20 PLN net)

Custom shipments and services

If your shipment exceeds the promotional package dimensions or if you require additional services, you can use the offer in price list.

Domestic shipments over 31.5 kg

You need to quickly send a domestic shipment over 31.5 kg Take advantage of our offer for individual customers!

Shipments over 31.5 kg are usually delivered on the next business day. For some areas, delivery times are up to 2 business days. You can use convenient, paid additional services, e.g. shipping insurance, return of confirmed documents (ROD).

To order a DHL eCommerce courier after receiving your domestic shipment, use the convenient online application. DHL24, or contact DHL eCommerce Customer Service. You can track the status of your shipment at any time on our website.

Weight and dimensions of each item in the consignment (including packaging):

  • The actual or spatial weight of the element is more than 31.5 kg, but not more than 1 000 kg (including pallet).
  • The maximum weight of an element that is not placed on the pallet is 50 kg.
  • The weight and dimensions of the package without pallet are counted against the weight and dimensions of the element.
  • Sum of sides (length + width + height) above 3 m, even if the weight of the element does not exceed 31.5 kg.
  • Maximum dimensions of a single element:
    - Length 4 m or
    - Height up to 2.1 m (including e.g. pallet) or
    - Sum of all sides not more than 6 m.
  • Maximum number of items in the shipment: 5 pieces.
  • A consolidated item on a pallet is treated as a single item.
  • For each item, the following is calculated:
    - Spatial weight by conversion:
    [długość (cm) x szerokość (cm) x wysokość (cm)]/4 000 or 1 m3 of consignment = 250 kg.
    - Debt weight according to conversion rate: 1 current meter = 100 kg.
  • An item with a length of more than 2 m to 4 m constitutes a separate consignment, requires a separate consignment note and its actual weight must not exceed  50 kg.
    Maximum shipping weight (actual or spatial) 2,500 kg

Pick-up and delivery:

  • The service is provided in places accessible to cars  in the side-side system.
  • Pick-up and delivery include placing and removing the shipment from the cargo box. Additional loading and unloading operations remain with the Customer.
  • Shipments are picked up as standard from Monday to Friday and are delivered on the next business day or within 2 business days.
  • DHL Courier orders eCommerce to collect your shipment can be done via the online app, DHL24 or by phone with DHL eCommerce Customer Service.

How you're charged:

  • For DHL PARCEL MAX we charge according to the Pricing.
  • To determine the price for a service, calculate the distance between the shipping and delivery location using the Distance Calculator, which is located in the on our website.
  • For each item, the following is calculated:
    - spatial weight by conversion rate: [długość (cm) x szerokość (cm) x wysokość (cm)] / 4 000 or 1 m3 consignments = 250 kg,
    - debt weight according to conversion rate: 1 current meter = 100 kg.
  • A higher weight (actual, spatial or long-term) is used.
  • The price of a multi-element shipment is calculated by summing the higher weights of each item.

Price list of domestic courier services


The prices quoted apply if the Customer does not link a separate contract for the provision of transport services to DHL. Correspondence shipments and shipments weighing up to 20 kg payable in cash are courier shipments within the meaning of the Postal Law. Other shipments are shipments within the meaning of the Traffic Law.

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International Mail

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