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You decide how to ship. Use the convenient online option or call us and ask for the help of a consultant.

Make it cheaper!


when broadcast online with code KURIER10


Send the parcel to by selecting electronic payment.

Prefer to drop a package over the phone?

Call us and use our consultant to drop your package over the phone.

Important! Only domestic shipments can be made over the phone.

Details are available in Consumer Pricing.

Buy a Shipment by Phone

Contact us and our consultant will help you drop off the package you pay for with the courier.

Order courier for package pickup

Have a pre-printed label, return or service? Order courier afterCollect a paid package.


Get your parcel details ready

Have the sender's and recipient's details, telephone number and email address ready. Check what are your package dimensions and how much it weighs.


Call us!

Contact us and our consultant will guide you through the parcel shipping process.


Be ready for the courier to arrive

The courier will come to pick up your package the next day. Make sure your shipment is ready - properly packed and addressed. 

Check out our packaging guide


Tracking a Shipment

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Give your package online

Choose from one of the great price packages and book your DHL courier online!

Ship a package with DHL Parcel ServicePoint

DHL Parcel ServicePoints are closer than you think! Drop off your domestic or international package at one of our 18,000 DHL POP Package Service Outlets.