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E-Commerce Shipping in Singapore


We have online tools to support e-Commerce businesses like ODDMyDHL+, and MyBill.
Moreover, we have created DHL Express Commerce (DEC) and developed an API for sellers to seamlessly integrate DHL Express services on their website, creating a better user experience for both sellers and buyers.

All customers are able to access ODD and MyDHL+. Only DHL Express account customers can access MyBill and DEC.


Absolutely free! However, only DHL Express account customers can access MyBill and host our DEC platform or implement DHL Express API on their e-commerce websites or marketplace.

Click on the “TALK TO US” tab and our friendly staff will get in touch with you.
If you are an existing customer, contact your respective account manager for further assistance.

You can read more about the DEC platform and API or contact your account manager for more information.