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Tomorrow, today, the decisions we make are now going to reflect on how we live and work in the future.Our decision is clear – by 2050 we want to reduce emissions resulting from logistics operations!


In order to achieve our great climate goal, by 2025 we want to achieve several ambitious milestones in Poland and other countries:

  • 50% reduction in carbon emissions, compared to 2007, based on Science Based Targets
  • Reduce local air pollution with 70% of “clean” delivery measures such as bicycles and electric vehicles
  • Train 80% of employees on GoGreen - we will continuously raise awareness and engage them in the environment and climate. Our actions also provide protection
  • Achieve a 50% ecological solution for sales transactions. In this way, we want to ensure that the supply chain to customers is eco-friendly.


DHL POP Parcel Service Points

  • The DHL POP network includes DHL POP points and DHL BOX 24/7 small vending machines, which already count  18,000 points. Points are within 10 minutes of walking in the city.
  • For  delivery to DHL POP and vending machines DHL BOX 24/7 supports more packages for couriers than delivery to address, translating to less miles and reducing CO2 emissions  over 60%
  • DHL POP packages are within  The standard partner point, DHL POP does not use extra energy.


  • Our fleet meets high safety and environmental criteria. Our modern fleet of vehicles directly impacts logistics efficiency and service quality.
  • We optimize courier routes and line transportation. 
    These actions translate into shorter aut and lower CO2 emissions.
  • Electric cars and bicycles - we are conducting advanced EV tests that will ultimately create our courier fleet and  we’re using electric bikes to help you get the couriers out of the box.

Energy and environmental standards

Dekra Certification Certifications

Our commitment to energy efficiency and environmental protection is confirmed by certificates.

ISO 50001 demonstrate that we are delivering the best energy management practices.

ISO 14001 The Environmental Management Standard has an impact on preventing contamination, increasing self-control and accountability among employees.

Using Green Energy

DHL eCommerce is currently working with Energa Obrót and is taking advantage of the 100% Green Energy offer - the energy purchased under this offer has been generated entirely by hydro, wind or solar power. 

DHL Shipping cartons are recycled.


Auto Sorting Shipments

We use modern sorters with laser scanners and video cameras. Advanced technologies help us sort very large quantities of shipments quickly. Thanks to this, we optimize the working time of machines and their energy consumption, as well as minimize the manual handling of shipments. As a result, it only takes a fraction of a second to measure and weigh your parcel and then prepare it for the way ahead.

Efficient and economical lighting

We have modernized the lighting for LED lamps in warehouses,  and in car parks. Thanks to changes in dozens of facilities in the country, we have reduced electricity consumption by many kilowatts.


Since May 2022,  DHL packaging that is fully recyclable. Our customers will find:

  • DHL Carton - they come from 100% recyclable.
  • Foil – They are 80% minimum from recycled materials and 100% are suitable for further processing. They are Blue Angel Certified - International Eco Symbol
  • Envelopes - they come from and are 100% recyclable


PaczULE to the rescue of bees

On the territory of our headquarters in Warsaw there are 5 hives and almost 250,000 bees. 

We plant trees

Together with the Gaja club, we planted 250 pines in the Bogatki Forest District

We support the operation

2021 Clean River - The action of cleaning the river and its incomes